Chalking at Super City Rochester!

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This is the first year for Super City Rochester. I had a great time and hope to be able to play there again next year! (maybe I can even figure out how to go bigger with the drawing…)

The event started at 10am and the street I was going to be working on wasn’t scheduled to be closed off until 8am. This didn’t give me very much time to get a head start before people started to arrive. I opted to try a stencil this time instead of the gridding system that I have been using at Perry. This was less time consuming on site, but a WHOLE lot of prep work at home with some (less than) helpful kitty assistance.

The stencil was moderately successful. I don’t know if I would do it the same way again but it is really nice having the proportions worked out ahead of time.

In previous chalking posts I have talked about having to stretch and extend the proportions in order to get the image to look “right” when viewed at an angle. This is the rough for my stencil that shows you the proportions of the drawing. If you viewed my chalked piece from directly above – this is the shape of it.

It’s hard to fully “get” in the photos.

Drawing done on the iPad so that I could stretch it to the correct proportions.

Untitled_Artwork 9 Stencil after a liberal “pouncing” with the yellowest yellow (because I am in NO way affiliated with Amish Kapoor). U3FQ5hCUTPG2Nx3ta0xxiATyByZWU1Q22zZfzO4D+3vA

I didn’t take a photo of the stencil markings by themselves. The wind was quickly vanishing them. This is after chalking a rough outline over the stencil marks. AqEiZqRjQF67RnuCQostbA

My friend Jen came to visit before the official open of the event and took some photos for me. IMG_5138IMG_4582IMG_4581

Before she had to leave we gave the proper positioning a try. (Hi Jen!)


And back to chalking.


Bystander photo I stole off of facebook 🙂 Thank you!

IMG_4579x%iCvv8FR6qqNYBwMjkvZg The sun started creeping up on me and I was worried how that was going to go…qABcG+d%QqmwXV5z5SlD+w But then there was enough cloud/overcast that it really wasn’t that bad.




Grabbed this photo as I was leaving to go get lunch “just in case” something happened to it before I got back – but I didn’t wind up making it back after lunch. mknAUBkrQR+s4AzhVqY1zw

A couple people have sent me photos over the next few days. I won’t post them as even though it is holding up remarkably well for being driven over (and a decent size oil spot over the dragonfly) these pictures are better and we (I) would like to remember the nicest version of itself.

A big thank you to Magnus for thinking of me for this event and for Mark for inviting me to participate. I found out afterwards that this event was put together relatively quickly. They did a great job! With a whole year to plan the next one, I am hoping it will be even more amazing.


Figure Drawing – August 26th, 2019

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Feeling better about Life, the Universe and Everything this week. I don’t know if that makes my drawings any better – but it definitely makes everything SEEM better.

Our model did something awful to her ankle and came in on crutches. She had taken the time before hand to figure out a bunch of ways that she could make her poses interesting without putting any weight on that leg. I was very impressed.


and (of course) the time lapse if you are interested:


Figure Drawing August 19th, 2019

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Brains are interesting things. Inner dialogue, inner critic…. whatever it is. Yesterday I left figure drawing feeling very dejected and like I am not doing well at this…  and you know how that swamp can get very very slippery….

Today I am uploading the photos and amazingly enough, they don’t look at all like I remember them. They aren’t my very best work, but they aren’t all THAT bad either.

I need to remember these little lessons. I need to push through and do the work. I need to keep going even when I don’t feel like it. I need to put in the time practicing even on the days that I don’t see the benefit/improvement.

Today I need to remember that the end result of these sessions is to make myself a better observer and ultimately a better artist…. not to consider these finished art. These are a step. A practice. A thing that I do in order to get better at the other things.

Also that these are way better than anything that I was doing when I started.

Perspective. The appalling lack there of. It can really mess with me.

I am super grateful for the humans in my life who support me and carry me through the times when my head tries to sabotage me.

You know who you are.

thank you ❤



Time lapse:

apologies if you were earlier and this was a link to the incorrect video. I believe I have corrected it


Perry Chalk Festival 2019

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Somehow I never posted these photos. I have no idea how that happened!! I love attending and participating in this event. I look forward to it every summer now.

This year I was fortunate enough to have my niece accompany me. She even practiced at home and drew up a submission sketch to get approved in order to be able to participate.

Unfortunately for her, the youth chalking times don’t start as early as the adult chalking does so she spent some time getting good and bored.

IMG_2537(note bored child)IMG_2538IMG_2539

Finally she got to start the chalking!



Two important things to note. One, how completely “into” her work she got. I don’t think anyone else managed to get quite this much chalk on themselves during the process. Two, if you look closely at the little piece of white paper to the side of her…. that is her reference drawing. She was chalking for probably about 10 minutes when a bird managed to perfectly target her reference sheet. Fortunately it wasn’t on a critical area… but overall it was very inconsiderate of the bird.



My completed piece.


Juliana’s completed piece.


Aftermath. That much time chalking hard wiped her out. There were some french fries shortly after this photo. That helped.


Photo that our friend posted of me working on her Instagram.


It’s hard to tell when the photos are taken from the “correct” angle, but the last couple of years I have distorted my drawings and stretched them so that they look better when viewed standing in front of them. This angle shows you how skewed the proportions really are.


I won an award.


We had a really really good time (sunburn and all) and I hoping that Juliana can join me again next year.

Additional photos for this post taken by my friend Chris Clemens. Check out his blog for many amazing things to do and explore in our region.

Exploring Upstate

Thank you for visiting and again my apologies for this post taking so long after the event to appear. I really thought that I had posted it previously.

Figure Drawing August 12th, 2019

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Made it to Figure Drawing on Monday. My brain is being a poopy head and has been telling me that there is no point. It really is pretty abusive, but I can’t quite figure out how to live without it yet…

Anyhow. Went to figure drawing. Hated everything that I drew. Decided to upload them today anyhow and magically they aren’t nearly as bad as I thought that they looked last night.

Stupid Brain.

IMG_4394figure1 figure2figure3figure4figure5.jpgfigure6.jpg

Video of Time-lapse:

Figure Drawing August 5th 2019

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I’m in a bit of a funk so not much for commentary today. Here are the drawings and time-lapse from last night at Steve’s.


and the time lapse:

Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet.



Painting from Life July 25th & August 1st, 2019

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Back to the Hungerford and the Art Group without a name.


Second session:



I won’t be attending the next model session at the Thursday Group so there won’t be another portrait for a few weeks. I will still be attending Figure Drawing on Mondays. Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet.