Yard Flamingo Project

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I have plastic flamingos in my yard. I mean because why wouldn’t you?

I noticed they were getting a little shabby looking and brought them in for a rework.

Trey is always willing to help out.

Trey is always willing to help out with my projects.

the overspray from this made parts of my basement (including my compound miter saw) pink. only fitting I guess.
Flamingos shine even in the snow. Spring is so random here.

It’s important for me to remember that I actually finish some of my projects. Sometimes I feel like there are just SO many projects in progress/unstarted/stalled it is helpful to remember that I actually do finish a good number of them. Mostly if I start it, I will eventually accomplish it – but it may lay around in a partially finished state for a very long time.

I do finish stuff. There are just always SO many more projects that I want to start.


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When anyone in our lives experiences a loss or a tragedy we always ask ”what can I do?” or ”is there anything that you need?”. Usually the answer is that there isn’t. No matter how much we may want to, we can not take away another’s pain. Often times we shouldn’t anyhow. Grief is a natural process and normal. We often try to ”cheer” people up instead of being present for them in whatever place they are in.

That being said, when Leigh lost Al she did ask me for something. She asked me to draw their hands for her to frame and display. Of course! Here is a thing that I can do. I can help. This feels good at a time when there aren’t adequate words. Images are a thing I understand.

I immediately wanted to make this piece in silverpoint. It is the perfect fit. Silverpoint is a permanent indelible mark – but as it ages and patinas it develops a beautiful tint that can only happen with age. There is no way to erase. Once a mark has been put down it is there. You can work it into the design or start over – but you can’t remove it. Much like relationships. Once something has happened, you can deal with it and move on, but you can never make it not have happened. If things are handled carefully those mis-marks are small and infrequent.

There is probably a great quote that would explain this more articulately – but while I was working on this I was thinking that there are some loves that are so beautiful that they should never end and there are some loves that are so true that they never will. I believe Leigh and Al had that kind of love. They shared it freely with people who were and were not family. They loved. It was beautiful and admirable.

This piece took me quite a while to make as it is larger than I normally work in silverpoint… but it was more than worth the effort for a couple of loving humans who thought I was worth their effort. I’m sorry that you are no longer together in this life but take great solace in your belief that you will be together again.

Love. 💜

Figure Drawing March 7th 2022

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It occurred to me yesterday that I may not be able to keep going to figure drawing regularly once the weather breaks. I have lots of things to take care of and do out at the land and only a little bit of time off of work. Not decided at this point one way or the other but I would imagine once it is warmer and light later I am going to need to be out there too late to make it back to the city for class. Will have to see. Maybe I can schedule things to get out there early enough that I can make it back.

The figure drawing helps my brain, but so does being out in the woods.

Time will tell.

We had a new model last night. His name is Sam.

Putting them in order of drawing this time starting out with the short poses.

30 seconds
30 seconds
One minute

One minute

Five minutes
Ten Minutes
Ten Minutes
Fifteen minutes
Ten and Fifteen minutes
Twenty Minutes. The model had taken a pose that I didn’t think they were going to be able to hold so I opted to focus on a part that wouldn’t move as much. I know you don’t normally see me focus so much time on a single body part other than a face.
Thirty Five Minutes. Foreshortening is difficult.
Twenty Minutes

Link to the YouTube TimeLapse https://youtu.be/EyQKKRnGg3E

Thank you for visiting.

Figure Drawing February 28th, 2022

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It’s been a week!

Just got back from a week in the Carolinas visiting my family. Today is a really big day for me for reasons that I will get into in another post… but last night it was nice just to get back into my routine. A good night sleep well snuggled by kitties (who have forgiven me already and did not sleep on my head last night) followed by a day of getting cleaned up and back into routine.

So back to Figure Drawing last night. Model is Nia and I have drawn her at least once before. Good to see her again as well as all the lovely humans that I got to visit with last night.

As always images are in reverse order of how I drew them.

Nia is on Instagram as @babe_im_onfire

20 minutes – last post of the night and I never feel like I am working efficiently on the last one.
35 minutes. Nia said on her Instagram today that she forgot to put a sheet down and got mild rug burn from this pose.
20 minutes. in going through the video I feel like I lost her nose at some point in the process… it was there and then it wasn’t. oops.
15 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes each
5 minutes each. one of the other artists remarked that they think 5 minutes is the sweet spot. Gestural and expressive without time to overwork.
1 minute poses
30 second warm ups.
Timelapse on YouTube

Lots to do to get ready for today. Hopefully be able to update you soon!!!

Everything is Different

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This post was in my draft folder from last year. I have no idea why I never posted it. So here it is anyhow. wildly out of context and season – but whatever. you can’t fire me.

Here is the original post:

May 16th (the day after my last post) I started another chalk project in my driveway.

Shortly after I began I was joined by a young neighborhood artist named Leslie and her Mom, Ruth. They added nicely to my project and it was wonderful to have company.

I worked on mine a little more:

Then I packed it in for the night and came back and added more the next day.

Another amazing addition by Leslie:

collaborative additions by Leslie and her mom:

Back to prompts…

Virtual Figure Drawing with Mia:

I didn’t have much time but the rain had washed away the previous chalking and some sadness was expressed by a neighbor that it was nice out again and there was nothing out. Time for a quick Duckie.

Virtual Figure Drawing with Cecelia.

Started another chalk project. This one got a little bigger than I had initially intended.

By this time Leslie has moved into working in her own driveway and going bigger… the neighborhood is getting more colorful.

On May 21st I participated in the Record Breaking attempt for the World’s Largest Online Art Class with #DrawWithRob

He wildly surpassed the numbers needed. I don’t know if or when it becomes official but it was fun. I was given a heads up about this event from my niece. I called my daughter. So myself, my niece, my daughter and my Granddaughters all played along with Rob’s instruction.

Then back to work on the driveway some more….

Last class with Rob Liberace.

Another drawing. I really liked this one so it did make it to RedBubble.

Then I got REALLY distracted. I was painting the walls. There has been this one area that I always suspected had an area closed off behind it. While I was painting it occurred to me that if I was ever going to smash through that wall… I should do it then before I repainted everything and made it all nice.

That’s all I am going to tell you about that project for now. It is ongoing and if I get to do everything that I want to it is going to be a SUPER amazing thing. And if not, it will be a weird little storage area. Time will tell which one happens.

I am in (another ) group on Facebook that is doing weekly drawing prompts. This one was Octopus.

Figure drawing….

Figure Drawing February 14th, 2022

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Valentine’s Day is a mixed bag. I have some happy thoughts about it but it is definitely an overly commercial date. There are things I would like to have been able to do. I would like to have some moments of feeling special or loved – but there are a lot of us that want for those things. I know that there is lots of love and support in my life even on the days where I am not feeling it or too stubborn to accept it.

So being able to go to figure drawing and laugh and visit with some good people made my day much better.
In the shop sometimes we will talk about “Saturday Energy”. When we have gotten to the end of the week and everyone is just a bit punchy but also silly and having fun. Last night’s group had Saturday Energy and I very much appreciated it.

I was therefor talking and visiting during some of the time that I could have been drawing – but no matter what as always it is good practice and I am glad that I was able to go and grateful to have this space and be allowed to participate.

Very chaotic even for 30 second poses!
Bonus 30 second pose (I thought we were starting the minute poses)
One minute poses

These drawings were done at Flower City Figure Study. Model is Mia.

If you have been here before you know that I very much enjoy drawing Mia. She is also the one who hosts these Monday night get togethers.

Thank you again Mia.

Hazy Days

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I would like to be posting my drawings from Figure Drawing last night here today. I can’t because I didn’t go. I haven’t been feeling well. Mostly physically but some mentally. Could very well be tied into the not feeling well physically but it is hard to tell.

I feel disconnected from me. Like I don’t recognize me in the mirror anymore. I mean, I know I am getting older and there are changes that come from that. It is something slightly other than that. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

A good friend of mine has been talking about having come here from one of the other parallel Universes. He has a reason why that change was necessary. He still has a very strong sense of who he is but he said that in the cross over there has been some slight discrepancies between what he remembers and what the people here remember.

It’s not that.

It’s not the world that feels off. It’s me. I feel more like someone swapped me out for someone else who is almost but not quite me more than I feel the world has changed. Perhaps like I used to be tethered in some way to something that I am not anymore.

It’s confusing. It’s fuzzy. But is also holds promise. If I am not what (or who) I was – what am I to become?

Standing at the edge of something.

I did draw yesterday. Some of the stuff I am working on is secret. Some of it is for tattoos. And some of it is just because. Here is the just because stuff from the last few days.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner….
My redraw from Monsters.Go of this drawing by Jackson

and I got my first ever book credit for a headshot (insert confused smiling emoji here). I took a photo of Ed Ashton for his book cover and they gave me credit on the hardcover liner. That is super cool and I am really happy for Ed that his book is doing so well.

He and Jen dropped off a copy that Ed signed for me so this gets to be that random story that I get to tell later about how I knew them back when (laughing emoji should go here I think).

Here’s a good place for a plug! You should go buy a copy of Ed’s book. Be one of the people who can say that they read it before the movie came out. Edward Ashton – Mickey 7

Another redraw project. The original was sent to me by a friend that would like a more traditional tattoo version of the artwork but I wanted to play with it anyhow.

I’m not sure what the original intent was with the fish hook but I liked the imagery so I included it as well.

Thank you for being here for my rambling. Thank you for being supportive when I don’t quite know what is going on.

Be patient with one another and yourselves. This Universe is still really weird.

Figure Drawing January 31st, 2022

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I was asked recently why I go to Figure Drawing. I don’t know if I have a really good answer. I think that initially I started going because it seemed like one of those art school things that people who went to art school complained about but you could see where it was beneficial. I was never able to go to art school but wanted to try to expose myself to as much of it as I could without being able to go.

When I started going to Steve Carpenter’s regularly I found much more that a regular practice. I found a community. I looked forward to going every week. There were people that I missed if they didn’t come regularly and I know Steve would actually call and check on people if they hadn’t been by in a while.
I loved the energy in Steve’s studio and a whole lot of that can be directly attributed to Steve. He is still who I want to be when I grow up. He was always so inspired and excited about what he was making in the studio and incredibly supportive to everyone in his classes regardless of their skill level.
He also had bad days. Which was inspiring. I would always try to sit close enough to Steve to watch him work and because of that I could also hear him when he made self commentary on what he was doing. It showed me that there is always room to grow and that no matter how amazing someone is there are times when they are disappointed with what they are making.

I miss going to Steve’s but some of the same people now show up at Flower City Figure Drawing. I hope that it becomes the same type of community and I hope some time Steve stops by to draw with us.

Bryn modeled for us last night and did a spectacular job. I look forward to working with her more in the future. Some of her short poses were breathtaking and if I had a bunch of time on my hands any one of them would have made a gorgeous painting. (They would have required reference photos, none of them would be feasible to hold for long so they are not very accurately depicted here).

Some people have asked about the times so I will try to include them going forward. The link to the video is below the photos.

Figure Drawing TimeLapse January 31st, 2022 – JustTeeJay

Money Marks (Chop Marks) Still Finding Them. Still collecting them.

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The singular most popular thing on my blog is the money stamps. It doesn’t lead to any traffic to the rest of my art/life but there are still tons of other humans out there trying to figure out what the heck these things are.

This morning I realized that I had a bunch of 20s in a drawer that I had been gathering for when I could get around to photographing them. I would like to use that money for things so today is the day they got photographed!

I have a folder of unpublished ones somewhere else so I will try and find that and add it to the 20s.

Usually when I post these I post links to the older ones that I have posted here but I can’t figure out how that works anymore so you will have to google if you would like to see more.

To preemptively answer the questions again. No, I still have not figured out who does this or why. At this point I have pretty much given up thinking that I will figure it out. I just enjoy finding them and continue to wonder why so few people actually notice them.

Are you sick of these yet? I am going to keep photographing them and posting them when people send photos to me.

Other questions I have gotten on these.

I have been asked if the stamps make them more valuable. Definitely not. They are still only worth face value and the bank periodically will tell me that it is illegal to mark currency even though they continue to give me bills with stamps and have never refused a deposit that contained them.

Do I know who is doing this or what they mean. no. I mention that every time I post these (sometimes more than once) but no, I still have no idea who is doing this or why.

yes, I have been told that money exchangers in other countries with stamp the bills after they have verified that they are genuine so they don’t have to check them again but it still seems highly improbable to me that this many of the bills that wind up in my pocket have been through a foreign country. That may be the reason for some of them, but it doesn’t explain all of them.

Also these stamps do not indicate that the bills are registered with Where’s George. Those bills are very clearly marked and I have checked their database randomly to see if the bills that I find stamped are registered there and none of them every have been.

Other than that, all I can say is please keep using cash. Businesses get hit harder than you realize for credit card processing. It is a frustrating necessary business expense but we appreciate when we don’t have to do it.

thank you for visiting

and if you have bills you would like to send me – snap a photograph and send them to me at justteejay@gmail.com Please do not photo the entire bill as if I have to put them into photoshop it shuts down if it detects a bill.


Update Feb 8th 2022

Found another one and had another one emailled to me.

H2 in circle on one dollar bill

W on $20 sent to me by Jim via email

Figure Drawing January 24th 2022

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I used to publish here much more regularly. I have gotten out of the habit. Would like to get back into it, but can’t make any promises. I have never really adjusted to the new publishing platform and it is far more cumbersome than it used to be (for me) to put stuff together.

Anyhow, last night I went to figure drawing. It’s been a couple weeks since I went. I wasn’t feeling well the one night and then last week we had a snow storm and it was cancelled.

I felt rusty. I am still glad I went. I am glad that Mia has given us a new option for Monday night figure drawing and I would like to support it as much as I can.

30 second poses

One minute poses
More one minute poses
5 minute poses
10 minute
Not sure if this was 10 or 15 munjutes
Also unsure on the time on this one
Back to 10 minute
Last pose of the night. 10? 15?

I need to write down the schedule because they always follow the same time on the poses and I would be able to go back and figure out how long each one was.
Some of these I upload to YouTube but they tend to delete the ones with men in them so I am not going to this week. If I do another one that I am happier with the drawings I will go back to it.