Life Painting with the Thursday Group at the Hungerford – February 7th & 14th

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I had initially thought that I would stop going on Thursdays so that I could have more time to work on new pieces for my show in the Fall. I skipped a few sessions and found that I was filling that time with a lot of things but most of it wasn’t painting. I honestly find that the more art that I create the more inspired I am to create more. So back to group on Thursdays and a new model for us. I actually worked with this lovely lady almost 30 years ago at Xerox. it was a lifetime ago. Lots of memories and lots of things that I had clearly forgotten about. It was interesting to catch up.


Back today. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Much happier with the colors and contrast after the second session – but not as much with the likeness.

Will keep trying as always 🙂


Mid Winter Drawing and Painting Slam at Steve Carpenter’s February 10th, 2019

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This is an annual get together at Steve’s. They do potluck food stuff and have two models sitting for the day in the same poses all day (with breaks of course). Because this event can be super busy I try to get there early to set up to paint before too many spots have been filled. Because of this I never know who I am going to be painting beforehand and am committed to the spot before the models arrive.

This time I would have been happy as both models who were booked are great to paint. As it turned out I was on the side with Mark posing. I was really happy about this as Mark has a really great face and I haven’t been at all pleased with the portraits that I have tried to do of him in the past.

I was determined not to mess it up this time. Steve was working on the other side and so I was left to play with the lighting and what not by myself. I’ve never done that before.


Overall I am MUCH more pleased with this one that the other times I have tried to paint Mark. I feel slightly redeemed. I was also SUPER pleased that he liked it as well. You never know how the model is going to respond to the painting especially when they aren’t exact likenesses of them. He said that he liked it and posted it on his Facebook page with some very nice compliments.

Later that night another model told me that one of the drawings that I have made of her is her favorite ever and is the one that she shows people when she tells them that she models.

My art ego didn’t know how much I needed the positive feedback. I feel like I have really been struggling and all I can see is what I have done wrong and how it could be done better. It’s hard to feel like I have succeeded with a piece. Outside feedback helps a lot and it carries more weight when it comes from another artist and/or a model.


Tattoo Update – some random tattoos February 2019

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Been working for a while on a leg sleeve of Laurie’s kitties. This is our most recent addition.


This little guy could have his own blog. He is amazing. May I present Hunky Dory.



A piece based on the art of Arthur Rackham.


Piece in progress:


A little pink elephant tattoo.


Tattoo based on a Rochester Flower design that I drew a while back. The lady who got this tattoo also happens to own the original drawing. Honored that she chose to get the tattoo as well as the paper art.

Although Rochester is now known as the Flower City – there was a time when we were the Flour City.


I knew this day was coming. Bittersweet. I have actually referred to this tattoo (publicly) as my favorite tattoo ever. I didn’t think I would ever have one… but here it is. I really enjoyed this piece and getting to know Rob in the process. There will be a whole separate blog post on this one when I get final healed photos. In the meantime, here is the entire piece.






Cake the Cat

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Oil painting for a lovely human who lost her kitty recently. Progress as I worked on this randomly.




IMG_7975 at end of session… and then after drying….



Thursday Group at the Hungerford December 20th & 27th, 2018

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I really liked the pose that Rina took for this one. I went out to my car to get a little bigger canvas so that I could paint the entire pose instead of focusing just on her face.

First Session


Second Session


Overall I would have preferred of I would have had her take up more of the canvas. It’s possible that I could have even horizontally formatted it. I ran into a lot of new problems trying to work this small. There were some things that I was happy with and some things that I would do differently.

As always, it is worth the time and the effort. My painting and mixing abilities are improving and I am more willing to take risks in what I am doing. I am no where near comfortable with this and from what I hear you never really get comfortable working from life. That’s okay too. I like being outside of my comfort zone and I like learning new things.

Tattoo Update December 2018

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Fresh peony on my friend Michelle.


Healed poppies on my friend Michelle.


Hanuman. I can not tell you how much I love being given the opportunity to make a tattoo like this for someone who truly understands the time commitment involved in a piece this complicated and detailed. I love this piece.

He healed it well and I have no doubt he will take care of it and it will look amazing for a lifetime.


Super honored to make this Strawberry Critter based on my personal artwork.


Don’t piss off this mermaid.


Finish of the thigh tattoo on an old friend. Based on the artwork of Ben Newman. I apologize if this piece offends you. It amuses me terribly.


Watercolor style Rochester Flower tattoo for a wonderful young lady who happens to have the perfect skin for this sort of project. This would not work on just anyone.


Added background to the bunnies. Bunnies are based on the artwork of April Coppini and were tattooed with her permission.


Jen’s shoulder project keeps growing….


Super fun Punisher tattoo!


Adding color onto Casey’s frontpiece.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this bunny tattoo. Things that I love… bunnies and tasty snacks! How can you go wrong? Super excited that Erin came to me with this super fun project.


Robert asked me to make this Mystery Machine a while ago as a surprise for his daughter. They like to watch Scooby Doo together. I mistakenly referred to this as a little tattoo while I was making it. I apologize again for that Robert. I generally think of any tattoo I can finish in one session as being little. 🙂


Tiger eyes. I have seen a lot of versions of this particular tattoo and I actually have never made one. Top photo is un-edited. Bottom photo is edited to be similar to the reference photo he had brought me.


I had a last minute cancellation and very shortly after that cancellation came in I received a request to squeeze a young lady in for her first tattoo. This is a memorial piece for her Grandfather. I was very glad we were able to accommodate her scheduling.


Spike and Tom on a forearm. There will be angel and devil Jerrys added later.SpikeandTom

Another session on Rob’s sleeve. Added the turtle into his underarm/armpit. Probably one more session will finish up that last space on the arm. Then to see where he goes next.


Constantly Making Stuff

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Here is some of the stuff that I have been working on since I was here last:

Once again was able to participate in the Perry Chalk Festival:


Started to add wings to this piece that I began from life at the Thursday group.


Went to the beach with my friend Deb. We visited, snacked, watched the world go by and played with watercolors. Some things were learned. We need to do it again when it is nice out again.


Piece that I submitted for the Canvas Project. I was given the word “Netizen”. This was a weird project that I have never heard anything else on. I was supposed to get an exchanged piece of art and I think a book with all of the art in it. So far nothing.


I think that I may have posted this when I originally finished it… but it was on my camera roll again. I think that it was damaged and I had to do some repair painting to it so it may look a bit different. Maybe not. Here it is again anyhow.


Started this as a drawing from an email that I received. Person who emailed me vanished. Feel like this isn’t where I would have gone with this one left completely to my own devices. It also isn’t what they were looking for. I want to do more with it. When the inspiration strikes… we shall see where it goes. Right now it is in a weird un-inspired limbo.


Portrait I made for someone for reasons.


Framed and ready to be hung.


I may have gotten stuck in the Apple Store for an entire fucking day. This may be a traumatic memory that I may not want to recall or speak of. If this thing happened I may have kept myself from completely losing my mind by using one of their sample iPads with ProCreate to draw some stuff. If this happened it would look exactly like this.


I have a thing for dead birds. Yes, I know how creepy that sounds… but in my defense I follow @deadbirdsaresexy on Instagram and that sounds creepier. Neither really are. We don’t “like” dead birds in that way. If that’s how you take it… that’s on you.


starting the Fairy Kitty painting:


Clearly inspired by Bugs’ Opera Episode…

OperaBunny and the ever present cat supervisors…


Went out and tried my hand at “landscape” painting. This is an old abandoned train round house. It was a really cool space with graffiti and all the grunge. Still not sure how I feel about painting landscapes, but this was a great experience and I’m really glad that I went. This is oil on paper.


I started this in Hell City. There was some sort of major malfunction with the purple in the background and it took a super ridiculously long time to dry. No idea what happened.  I may have mixed an old tube of water soluble oil with regular oil or something? No idea, but it finally was dry enough to go back into again.


The kitties are constantly wanting to help me paint. Sometimes they look pretty judge-y while doing so.

judgytTREYjudgyTrey Everyone’s a critic.


Working on the fairy kitty.


Working on the dead bird…


Drawing from life at Steve Carpenter’s Studio. Not sure how long I spent on this one. Had started out with watercolors and was really not feeling it. Switched to pencils and was much happier with the outcome.


More randomness coming soon.