Figure Drawing July 16th 2019

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This time at Group in the Loop which due to my work schedule I have never been able to attend before.


and again, the time lapse video of the process

Figure Drawing July 15th 2019

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As I said, my niece was in town for the week. So there was a lot of life drawing and as a result there will be several more life drawing posts following this one.

She has gone home and the normal pace of art/figure drawing/tattoo posts will resume after.

Please bear with me until then.

This was Monday July 15th at the Steve Carpenter Art Center for the regular Monday night open studio,


and the time lapse of the session:

Figure Drawing July14th, 2019 Art Center of Rochester

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My niece wants to apply to an art school. The school that she wants to apply to requires her to draw a draped figure from life in an hour and a half there at the school as part of the admission process.

Not knowing too much about these sort of things – my sister sent her off to me to work on her skills for this. Unfortunately there are no “draped figure” sessions here. Being that she is only 13 I knew it would be uncomfortable for her to go to nude sessions – but it would be inordinately helpful if she could get through it.

The first studio to have open figure time here after her arrival was the Art Center of Rochester. I contacted them to see if they had any minimum age requirements for participants and apprise them of the situation. They did inform me that there would be a male model that night.

I talked it over with Juliana and she decided to give it a try with the stipulation that we could leave at any time if she got too uncomfortable.

We went. She did great! She doesn’t want anyone but her mom to see her drawings so I won’t be posting any of them from this week.

I am super impressed with how well she handled everything (even knowing how terribly awkward it was for her).

Here are the drawings that I made.


Time lapse Video:

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Figure Drawing July 8th, 2019

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Like all things, some days we feel like we do them well and other days not so much. I don’t feel like this was one of my better days at Figure Drawing.

I did get to see a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time. That was really nice.

I did get inadvertently insulted by one of the other participants…. it’s not the first time. I kind of have decided that he is prone to putting his foot in his mouth. I don’t think he is malicious. At least I would like to think that he is not.

At least he was insulting my drawings to the model and it wasn’t someone insulting my tattooing to a client. It can always be worse.

Anyhow, always glad that I went.


Some day when I grow up I may have a thicker skin and won’t be bothered when people make snide remarks. My mom always told me to ignore them. So far I haven’t figured out how to do that.

100 people can say something nice and 1 person says something snotty and my brain chooses to replay that over and over again. I feel like I am constantly battling with part of my self in order to be functional.

Some days it gets to be really exhausting.

Timelapse if you are interested.

Figure Drawing July 1st, 2019

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Yes. Again. Every week that I possibly can.

Because it’s good for me to draw things that aren’t tattoos. Because it is good for me to draw. Because it is good for me to understand the human form and anatomy better. And possibly most importantly because it is important that I get out and interact with other humans. Even better if those humans are artists as well. Far more likely that they will “get” me and that I won’t feel like quite as much of a freak.

My birthday was Sunday. I don’t do particularly well with birthdays. Not in the “I’m getting older” sort of way – but in the “I don’t like people to look at me” sort of way. When I was small I hated the idea of Birthday Parties. It seemed beyond narcissistic to me that one was expected to invite ones friends over and then expect them to come bearing gifts. Come worship me! Then to make things worse one is expected to then sit in a center point while everyone else watches us open said items. Awkward? Beyond so. I disliked every bit of that. Yes, I was a kid. I liked stuff… but not enough to extort my friends for it. (It is worth noting that I had no problem with the other end of this. I never felt like my friends were extorting me for gifts.)

This year a friend did a very nice thing for me and we did our normal Sunday walk and then we picnicked. She had suggested that we go out somewhere for snacks but I don’t like to eat out too much these days on account of the gluten thing. We sat in the park and snacked and visited and watched the chipmunks bounce along in and out of the grass.

What does this have to do with Figure Drawing? Putting myself outside of my comfort zone. I would in years past not have let anyone know it was my birthday and/or refused to let anyone do anything for me. It’s uncomfortable.

Ugly truth? Growth doesn’t happen without discomfort.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they would love to come to figure drawing – but that they need to get better first.


That’s what it is for. This is the same mentality that keeps people who are trying to get into shape from going to the gym because they think they need to get into shape to go to the gym. No. You go to the gym to get into shape.

Fears come in all shapes and sizes.

Some of mine I am working on and there are (I’m sure) a bunch of them that I haven’t even poked at yet. They will come in time. For today, I go to Figure Drawing even when I am uncomfortable Even when my brain tells me that I am not getting any better. Even when I am tired. Even when I tell myself it is “pointless”. Even when I think everything that I made that night was awful.

AND I will let people be nice to me for my birthday. I will be open to the love and the growth that is around me (even when I don’t think that I deserve it) and I will keep fighting my brain for control of my life. I hope that you are able to make some progress defeating your fears and reaping the benefits. If one of those fears involves going to Figure Drawing – let me know and we can get together some Monday so you can give it a try. It doesn’t even hurt.


Time lapse of my drawing:

Painting Mia – June 20th & 27th 2019

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Thursday Art Group which I have been referring to as either the “Thursday Art Group without a name” or “The Emanon Group” apparently has a name. It’s the Rochester Art Club’s Open Sketch and Painting Group – but it was decided at some point not to call it that because people might think that they had to be a member of the Rochester Art Club in order to attend.

So I’m sticking with Emanon. It amuses me. No one else has to use it.

Anyhow. Mia modeled for us again. I really like working with her. She is very easy to get along with and an excellent model.

First Day:


and back to it the following week:


As always – things that I like and things I think I could have done differently/better – but always worth the time and practice.

Monster Project United – The Monkey Monster by Joshua (and me)

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Joshua’s drawing for his monster:


Joshua explaining his monster:

My Version of Joshua’s Monster (which if you didn’t watch the video he describes as being a monkey wrapped in toilet paper with his head on fire and a stop watch on his tail).


Because of my time at IMC I am experimenting with the idea of laying things out for book covers. This seemed like the perfect thing to conduct such an experiment with. So same image with some type added.


And while I was playing…..


Photoshop is such a fun toy.

And if you are so inclined, here is the time-lapse video of me making my interpretation of Joshua’s monster.

I am looking forward to playing with the concept of book covers more in the future. If you know anyone who needs a book cover, let me know. I would like to put together a portfolio of them.