About TeeJay

I am a tattoo artist and shop owner from Upstate New York. I’m also a mom and pretty damn opinionated. What I express here are my views of the moment. They are subject to change at any time and I may very well contradict myself.

If you are here looking to find out info about booking a tattoo appointment with me – please read this “note” first. Thanks!

23 Responses to “About TeeJay”

  1. Gorgeous work, TeeJay, I’m seriously impressed at both your craftsmanship and range. I’ll enjoy keeping an eye on your work as you go! Great things ahead, I can tell.

    • Thank you very much. I’m having fun learning right now and not worrying so much about the results. It helps me get out of my own head. I look forward to getting to (virtually) know you better.

  2. your work is SICK! WOW!

  3. […] friend TeeJay has told me she’s always wanted to see St. Michael’s and photograph there, so she and […]

  4. Hi! I found you by googling 3D nipple tattoo! I’ve had reconstructive surgery(s) and have decided to avoid the OR and go with tattoo nipples. The nipple on the arm is AMAZING! and entertaining, guessing he’s had that covered by now?! Do you do many nipple tattoos in your area? Wishing you were closer…maybe need to make a trip up your way!

    • He actually still has the nipple on his arm. He had some letters put around it – but it is still there. I took healed photos of it recently.
      Hope that you are able to find an artist to make your nipples for you, if either of you have any questions at all, please let me know.

    • Are you still collecting currency stamp photos? Found 2 on a $100 today and saw this site but can’t find your email. Thx

  5. Wow your work is pretty amazing. I actually am really in love with the pocket watch piece you did. I was looking on google because I wanted ideas on how I would like my tattoo to be modeled after and yours is just perfect!
    Not sure on how you feel about sharing your drawing but I would really appreciate it if I can get a picture of the whole thing perhaps? Right now I just have the small image from google.

    • Frankie, thank you so much. I am glad that my work speaks to you. I hope that you are able to find a tattoo artist who is qualified to make a tattoo that is perfect just for you as well. You are more than welcome to use my concept for inspiration and the small image that you have should be more than sufficient for a competent artist to work from to design something custom just for you. To hand them the line drawing that I made for someone else’s tattoo might be too tempting for them to just work straight from – leaving the original client’s idea plagiarized and denying you the opportunity to have something unique for yourself.
      Please remember if they are not proficient enough to draw it for you on paper – you should not trust them to tattoo you.
      Good wishes to you on your quest ~ TeeJay

  6. Thank you! You’re completely right 🙂

  7. […] friend TeeJay has told me she’s always wanted to see St. Michael’s and photograph there, so she and […]

  8. Looking forward to learning more !! Thanks

  9. Look forward to learning more about appointment rates your amazing !! Thanks

  10. TeeJay – I contacted you last year (or before) in regards to the amazing nipple tattoo photos posted (arm tattoos) – I have yet to make a commitment, as since I’ve seen your photos, don’t want to take a chance with just ‘anyone’ doing sub par with what sounds so permanent to me. I am willing to ‘take a trip’ up your way, if we can make arrangements 🙂 I live in the St. Louis area, am wondering if flying into Manhattan would be ‘close’?

  11. You inspire me!

  12. I have a Bill with similar markings. Wanted to send them to you, did you ever find out what they meant?

    • I have never found a definitive answer to what they are. I did find out they are called chop marks, but some people seem to use them for different things and some people appear to mark bills just for fun. I like that there are still mysteries in our world. And yes, by all means please send me any that you find.

  13. Hi TeeJay, so awesome to see you still doing great work! In the nineties you did my first. Black Wolf inside a dreamcatcher with green eyes. I would really love to get this touched up. I have moved around quite a bit but the only one I ever considered allowing touching that was you. Any chance at all?

    • Hi Mike, of course. I book normally only one month at a time now. I start booking a given month the month before on the first. So I will begin booking May on April 1st (or the first business day after). If you are in the area now, stop by and we can find a day that works for you. If you have any questions you can reach me directly at justteejay@gmail.com Thanks!!

  14. I have 2 100 dollar bills. I believe each stamp is an individual of a secret organization.

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