Thursday Art Group 092018 & 092718

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Painted from life. Art group without a name that meets Thursday afternoons at the Rochester Art Club space in the Hungerford Building. Oil painting humans from life has been a really productive (and sometimes humbling experience).

First session:


Second session:


This one I was really pleased with in a lot of ways. I can always see things that I would improve and things that I would do differently – but I feel like this one was successful and thus far has not been put on the fence. Spring may change that, but for now no fence.

Thursday Art Group 120618 & 121318

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Regular Thursday group at the Hungerford (the one I constantly refer to as the Art Group without a name). I did find out this week that we actually have a name. It is horribly awkward and I honestly can’t remember it. The model suggested that we call ourselves “Afternoon Delight”. Most of us figured that our spouses would not find that amusing.


This looks more like the model here. Mia1206184 Started to lose the likeness again at this point.Mia1206185 Decided it must be that eye’s fault.Mia1206186 Continued struggling with the drawing and the placement of that eye. I think her head was tipped down more than I was drawing it and that is why the features looked off. This was as far as I had gotten by the end of the session. Mia1206187 Not thrilled with it… but not horrible.

Then on the way back to the shop I had to slam on the brakes and my backpack flew off the seat and across the painting.



Tried to paint it back in some on my own and develop the background some… but without any photo reference I didn’t want to push it.


Next session:

Still struggling with the drawing. Mia1 Once again decide that the eye is not working at all. It has to go.Mia2Mia3Mia4Mia5Mia6Mia7

In the end I was not overly thrilled with this one. I found myself trying to incorporate some of the things that I had picked up at Steve’s, which is good. I did not however ever feel like I had captured her likeness or gotten the drawing correct. It very well may be a case of me being overly critical as many people knew who it was right away and a couple of people told me that I captured her likeness.

Keep pushing. Keep learning. Keep growing.

I do think it is a nice painting. It just isn’t where I want to be yet. In all honesty, it’s possible I may never get to where I want to be. I think like most artists I continue to improve my eye and so the goal keeps moving further away. When I look at the work I was doing a year ago I see a lot of problems that I couldn’t see when I made them.

I’m still inspired and I will keep working on it. That’s what we are here for.


When I went to post this it popped up back to the first photo. I realized the fact that I was able to pull this painting out of that drawing says a lot.

Drawlloween 2018

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I do love the Drawlloween prompts. They get me back into the swing of Daily Drawings. In the previous years when I have participated in Drawlloween I have followed the official prompt list.

This year I wasn’t super excited about the prompts.


I poked around on the internet looking for an alternative and was all ready to follow the Inktober prompts even though I don’t work in ink.

Then I came across Mab’s Drawlloween Club. I don’t know why Mab decided that she had to have her very own Drawlloween Club, but I am glad that she did. I much preferred her choice for the prompts.


Day 1 – Witch


Day 2 – Black Cat


Day 3 – Cryptid


Day 4 – Mushroom


Day 5 – Laboratory


Day 6 – Ghost


Day 7 – Haunted Object


Day 8 – Yokai


Day 9 – Spider Baby


Day 10 – Lagoon (Creature)


Day 11 – Bat


Day 12 – Vampire


Day 13 – Grave/Coffin


Day 14 – Skeleton


Day 15 – Owl


Day 16 – Goblin


Day 17 – Werewolf


Day 18 – Rats


Day 19 – Seance


Day 20 – Serpent


Day 21 – Alien


Day 22 – Pumpkin


Day 23 – Monster


Day 24 – Hunter’s Moon


Day 25 – Dark Forest


Day 26 – Toad


Day 27 – Swamp Thing


Day 28 – Raven


Day 29 – Mary Shelley


Day 30 – Bride


Day 31 – Frankenstein


I would definitely like to play along with one of the groups again next year. A bunch of these are on RedBubble already. If you are looking for one of them that isn’t you can always reach out to me directly at and if I have a good scan I can add it for you.

Thank you everyone for your support and visiting my “virtual ‘fridge”!


Thursday Art Group 110118 & 110818

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Anyone playing the home game may notice that these are not appearing in order. Anyone who has been around me for any period of time knows that I have periods of furious activity and periods of what I consider slothing. Since I have been slothing as of this writing I am way behind in my posting. Since I never know when I am going to sink back into inactivity I am working my way backwards in my photos. Probably no one but me cares, but since I tend to overexplain myself…. there you go.

Also I haven’t actually been slacking off. I have been making and doing lots of things… I have only been slacking on the posting of said things.


Drew was nice enough to set up some really cool lights for us. I found this to be a lot of fun to work with and I really appreciate the variety. I think I did okay capturing the light, but not as well as I would have liked capturing Jessamyn’s likeness. It is always intimidating when the models are beautiful: trying to do them justice.

First Session:




Second Session:


Thursday Art Group 111518 & 112918

•December 12, 2018 • 1 Comment

Still getting together on Thursdays at the Hungerford with a group of artists that paint humans from life. This time Michael was our model. I guess it is unusual for the model to leave their glasses on during the pose. I really enjoyed it and liked the effect. Plus I feel like it gave me landmarks to work from.


November 22nd was Thanksgiving so we took that Thursday off.


Steve Carpenter Workshop December 2018

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I took the portrait workshop from Steve once before several years ago. Since I now have more experience painting people from life I figured I would get more out of it this time.

The last time Steve had us draw on newsprint and then transfer it to the canvases we would be painting on. This time he had a specially prepared paper surface for us to paint/charcoal on. I’m not positive what he did to it, but whatever it was it made the charcoal 100% erasable. I’ve never encountered charcoal being this easy to work with. Don’t get me wrong – I still don’t like charcoal but with this paper I could see how someone could enjoy working with it.

IMG_8177IMG_8178IMG_8179 After the charcoal drawings were down (or more precisely when he cut us off from drawing – because as we all know most of us would have noodled the hell out of our drawings for the entire duration of the workshop). We sprayed them with fixative – which made them completely Unworkable from that point forward.

Steve likes to jump in with lots of color. I love how watercolor-ish everything looks at this stage.


Duplicated the process in the afternoon with another model. In theory this should have been easier since we JUST did it that morning. Nope. Humans are always difficult to draw. (well, at least for me).


LOTS of color!

IMG_8187 okay, too much color for me and I lifted some of it back out. IMG_8189IMG_8191 Steve caught me and had me put the color back in. IMG_8192


I spent most of the morning putting color and wiping it off. Putting a different color on and wiping it off. I had started to wonder if I was going to wear through the paper when Steve came along and made some definitive decisions for me.

Physically I was not feeling well at all so I know I was a bit more difficult as a student than normal. Being the awesome instructor that he is Steve was patient with me even though he had no idea what my problem was.


One of the many many times that I changed my mind about the colors that I wanted to use and wiped them off yet again. IMG_8196

Steve’s correction of my indecision. IMG_8198

The afternoon went a little better.I still wasn’t feeling well, but over all was happier with the results on the painting.  IMG_8199IMG_8200IMG_8203



Even though the color choices weren’t what I would have picked (if I could have ever gotten around to making a decision) I decide to leave the colors and work with them. I am here to learn and get outside of my comfort zone.

On a side note the model’s headband was very close in color to her hair. Steve asked us to make more of a color statement and switch it up. Every other student went red. I felt somewhat self conscious about my decision to go yellow – but I still think if I would have “finished” this piece I would have been happier with gold & yellow tones instead of reds.



As any time that I spend with Steve I learned a lot. I went out of my comfort zone. There are a few things that I would like to incorporate into my repertoire.

I actually found that this time the class was much more difficult precisely because I have been doing this on Thursdays for a while now. I have developed habits and an idea of what I want the piece to look like. It made it more uncomfortable to work to someone else’s eye. I was surprised by this as I wouldn’t have thought I was so entrenched in my habits already. Also why I think it was such a good thing that I did this.

Super glad that I took the class. I always learn so much from Steve. (even when I am grouchy)

Tattoo Update May 2018

•May 21, 2018 • 3 Comments

Got behind again. I have come to accept that this is going to be an ongoing theme in my life.

Started working on Casey’s Satyr Skull tattoo after a bit of a hiatus. It is (obviously) still in progress, but I also made both of his sleeve tattoos.


There is a lot going on in this one. It was a fun project! I used to tattoo a lot of pin-up stuff and I don’t get nearly as much call for them anymore.
This one is on a forearm and was completed in the single session.HarleyQuinn

Love this one. This is on her thigh.


I have admitted publicly that this may be my favorite tattoo ever. Having much fun working on this one and will be sad when it is finished. Of course he is talking about maybe working on the other arm now… so who knows.


Single session add on (chest). I did not make the Roman numerals portion of the tattoo.


Surfing Skeletons (on ribs) based on the work of Rick Griffin.


Small commemorative tattoo to celebrate having been at the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch (so cool!). We went with the Space Suit from Elon’s launch, but used the original car from the Heavy Metal movie.


CareBear tattoo made on the calf.


Memorial tattoo made on the ribs. Tough client!


First stage of a work in progress. Tattoo is based on the artwork of Ben Newman. Ben does beautiful illustrations and I would LOVE to adapt more of them into tattoos.
This one is on a thigh.


Healed Pressed Fairy tattoo on the back of a calf.


King David on an upper arm.


Care Bear’s tummy to look embroidered.


More work on this sleeve


Little critter out of the Garden of Earthly Delights (Hieronymous Bosch). Just below the knee on the shin. (ouch).
There are a hundred tattoos EASILY in that painting. Feel free to select one for yourself. I would LOVE to make a series of these.

Another session on Casey.


Different take on Lady Liberty. This is on a forearm and is partially healed and partially fresh when the photo was taken (which is never flattering for the tattoo).


Vincent on a forearm. She didn’t want him to be smoking, so we went with a Burton-esque style pumpkin instead.


Dog portrait. I did not make any of the other visible tattoos, just the dog.


I made the tattoos on both hands and the fairies on the inside of the forearms… but I haven’t been able to get a decent photo of the fairies.


Monarch Butterfly tattoo on an ankle.


Adding some better contrast and some background to a piece I started a while ago. Forearm.


Sleeve in progress. One (maybe two) more sessions to fill the rest of it in.


This is the start of a Johnny Depp montage piece on her thigh. All of them will be different characters that Johnny Depp has played.


Another session on the Ben Newman piece, next session should finish this one up.


Adding some background to Robert’s sleeve. The bird is a cover up… everything that is visible is my work.


Underarm Elephant.


As always…. more to come.