Project My Monsta

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I was contacted by Project My Monsta to see if I would be interested in doing a re-draw for them as well. Since I am having fun with these I agreed. They sent me 3 photos to pick from and I chose this one.


I didn’t get any information about the child that drew this one or their age.

I did suspect that the child’s drawing was based on a tank. I intentionally decided to move away from that. All politics aside, I think there are enough real monsters in the world for all of us to worry about and I would like these to be more fun monsters.

Here is my version.


and the time-lapse of me working on the drawing:

Not sure how things work with Project My Monsta – but I do hope that they ask me to participate again some time. I have fun with these.


Thursday Art Group (without a name) at the Hungerford May 2nd & 9th, 2019

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Not feeling really talkative today. Here are the stage photos of painting Michael today and last Thursday.


I actually really like this at this stage and considered stopping here. I took the photo and posted it on facebook so that at least there would be a record of it if I didn’t like where it went later.


End of first session.


Second session.


I got to see Michael’s paintings today for the first time. He calls himself the Cloud Guy. His   paintings are really beautiful.

He also threatened that this might be the last time he sits as he said there is “too much of me out there”. I hope that he changes his mind. I’ve only painted him a few times and I think it would be a LOT more before I would get bored.

I posted him online and someone commented that they think he is the most painted guy in Rochester. So maybe there really are that many paintings of him out there… but who can’t use a few more?

HummingBear & other randomness

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You see lots of random memes in any given day if you spend any time at all on the internet. Friend posted this on their facebook feed:


(and if you are an internet purist – please do not message me and explain to me why this image doesn’t qualify as a meme.)

It made me wonder what else a hummingbear might look like. I took a jab at it and came up with this.


The timelapse of the drawing if you are interested.

Every once in a while someone will forward me an article on the weird little angry rabbits that appeared in Medieval Manuscript margins. I have read a bunch of them and they explain some of the meanings… but basically they are doodles and jokes from a time  long ago. They may be offensive. They may be funny. Without a better understanding of the times – we aren’t going to “get” the jokes. I am totally okay with that.

Figured I would start re-drawing them when I am in between projects.


of course for the second one I didn’t even pick a rabbit… but who can resist a kitty snail? or whatever that is?

snailkittytheirs snailkittymine


I got together with a friend who wanted to experiment with oil paints. I didn’t have a real plan and I didn’t want to bring one of the pieces that I have going for my show in the fall (they were too far along to do much demonstrating on). So I made this for no reason other than to play with paint. It’s good to goof off sometimes. Maybe I will work on it more. Maybe it will wind up in my show. Maybe this is as far as it will ever get. Doesn’t matter. It was good for me.


I had debated about leaving the background edges canvas or darkening them in. Now that I have done it, I still can’t decide if it was the right decision.





the Monster Project (#18)

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I am wondering if I have wandered into this project towards it’s sunset. In the short time that I have been participating it seems like interest is dropping off on it. I had wondered why they did the prompts every other week instead of every week…. maybe that is why. Anyhow, I intend to keep playing while I can and I can spare the time.

If you are interested – check them out on Instagram @themonsterproject – you can sign up and be emailed the new monster every other weekend.

Make a kid happy. Expand your art skills. Work outside your comfort zone and normal style. What have you got to lose?

The prompt this time comes from 9 year old Ruth.

the monster project Ruth's Mommy monster

And here she is describing her Mommy Monster:

My take on it:

Monster Project redraw by JustTeeJay

The timelapse of the digital drawing if you are interested:

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there – no matter what form you take.


Figure Drawing May 6th, 2019

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Played with Silverpoint again this week.

I’m still helping out (currently by timing). I hear Kevin is doing much better and will be back soon so I will most likely give up my position when he returns. It’s been fun and I like feeling like I am helping out and giving back in some little way. Steve has been a mentor and an inspiration and I really hope to be like him when I grow up.

I stay fairly small when I am working with silverpoint – and since I don’t have any plans for these later on I figure it’s okay to try to maximize the plike paper.

I really want to do more of the abandoned art – and these would be great for that (in that I don’t have a purpose for them) but I wonder how people would react to finding “nudes”. I want to bring joy and make people happy when they find artwork and I don’t want to offend or upset anyone.

All that being said – if you ever have a desire to have any of these for your own for any reason…. let me know. The ones on newsprint all wound up in the recycle bin. I don’t think the plike paper can be recycled.

gesture drawings silverpoint on plike paper

These two are done on the creme paper (obviously the same piece) but the camera “corrects” the color and in the photos they look exactly like the white paper does.

FigureDrawing2figure drawing silverpoint on plike

Final pose for the night. Back to the white paper… it’s thicker and I can use both sides. The first photo of the shorter poses is on the back of the long pose from last week. I can’t do that with the creme paper.

figure drawing female model silverpoint on plike

If you have any other suggestions on what I can do with these (or a way that I could label them for art drop purposes) let me know.


Thursday Life Sessions – April 18th & 25th 2019

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Our Group without a Name that meets on Thursdays at the Hungerford Group. Lightning has posed for us before and I really like his face. I had a hard(er than normal) time with colors this week. Not sure what that is all about… but as always it is worth the practice, the time and the growth.

Also it is 70 something outside today which in Rochester in mid April is pretty amazing. I hope that wherever you are you are having a great day and get to do something that you are passionate about.


False start. Too small. Lightning1 Better. Lightning2Lightning3Lightning4Lightning5Lightning6

End of first session. Photographed in the hall which has less glare but seems to have different colored lights.


Second session:


Again the final was photographed in the hallway.

There are things that I am happy with on this one and things that didn’t go at all the way that I had planned.

As always, worth the effort and the practice.

SilverPoint returns and Figure Drawing April 29th, 2019

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Enough with the digital! Time to move back in time…. WAY back in time. Time to bust out the silverpoint again.

In case you aren’t familiar with silverpoint – it is the pre-cursor to the pencil. An indelible mark is made with a small piece of silver – leaving traces of silver behind on the substrate. It starts out looking like a very light pencil drawing but eventually ages into a beautiful warm tone once the silver tarnishes.

I like it because you can’t erase and mess around with it. Once the mark is down you have to deal with it (like tattooing). Unlike tattooing you can build it up softly. In a real pinch you can erase a teeny bit if you happen to be drawing on Plike paper.

I ordered some cream colored paper in the hopes that I could add some white highlights. The didn’t really show up and the cream paper is much thinner than the white. I do think it will look really nice though once the silver ages.

Before I went to Figure Drawing I played a little bit.

This is on the cream paper. If you look very closely you might be able to see the white highlights…. but I doubt it.

silverpoint chipmunk drawing

This one is also on the creme paper. No highlights.


and with that… off to figure drawing.

Three five minute poses and one almost 15 minute.

silverpoint figure gestures

Two more poses of about 15 minutes.


Little longer. About 20-25 range.

silverpoint figure drawing female

The last and longest pose of the night. About 40-45 minutes.


There were a couple things that I wanted to smooth out and wanted to even the leg tones out… so I worked on it a little bit at home. (Different light at home. This is on the white paper.)


It’s much slower going with the silverpoint and once again I am back to wondering what I will do with these… but I think I will continue to use the silverpoint for a few weeks anyhow. I like challenging myself and doing something different.