Figure Drawing August 12th, 2019

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Made it to Figure Drawing on Monday. My brain is being a poopy head and has been telling me that there is no point. It really is pretty abusive, but I can’t quite figure out how to live without it yet…

Anyhow. Went to figure drawing. Hated everything that I drew. Decided to upload them today anyhow and magically they aren’t nearly as bad as I thought that they looked last night.

Stupid Brain.

IMG_4394figure1 figure2figure3figure4figure5.jpgfigure6.jpg

Video of Time-lapse:

Figure Drawing August 5th 2019

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I’m in a bit of a funk so not much for commentary today. Here are the drawings and time-lapse from last night at Steve’s.


and the time lapse:

Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet.



Painting from Life July 25th & August 1st, 2019

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Back to the Hungerford and the Art Group without a name.


Second session:



I won’t be attending the next model session at the Thursday Group so there won’t be another portrait for a few weeks. I will still be attending Figure Drawing on Mondays. Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet.

Figure Drawing July 29th, 2019

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Monday is my art day. I spent the entire day painting. It was glorious! Stopped in time to make it to Steve’s open studio session.

I think the model’s name is Beth – but since I am absolutely horrible at remembering names it may very well not be.

I think being creative in any area helps in other areas. I think painting all day made the figure drawing go a little smoother.

No matter what I know this is teaching me to see better and to make more accurate marks when I draw. It’s definitely worth the practice (and the Instagram followers that I lose EVERY TIME I post a figure drawing).


and the timelapse of the drawing:

Hope that you are able to do something that inspires you today.

Figure Drawing July 22nd 2019

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My niece has returned home. So back to my normal(ish) schedule.

Monday nights at Steve Carpenter’s Art Center. Bonus…. also one of my favorite models 🙂


Time Lapse of session:

Painting From Life July 11th & 18th, 2019

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Second Session:

oh. I have mentioned in my other posts that my niece was visiting for the week. Because of this a lot of things about my schedule were a bit different. Not awful or unmanageable – just different. In this case it led to me having my painting supplies in the car for a few hours before class. I know the heat (especially in a black car in 90 degree heat) isn’t good for the paint, but I didn’t give it much thought as it was going to only be a few hours.
yeah, well… I had no idea how it would affect the turpenoid. Apparently if you leave turp in the car in that kind of heat it evaporates. Completely. Not a spec left. Didn’t leak out all over the car – just went away.

So my second session was painted without any way to thin my paints or clean my brushes out (completely – I still had paper towels to remove the bulk of the paint). This was an experiment that I did not enjoy.

I am not happy with this painting and I wish that I could blame it on the absence of thinner…. but I don’t think that was it.

Maybe next week will be better. Still learning. Still worth it.



Figure Drawing July 17th, 2019

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This time back to the Art Center of Rochester on Titus Avenue in Irondequoit and MUCH to the relief of my niece – finally a clothed model!


and the time lapse: