Figure Drawing March 7th 2022

It occurred to me yesterday that I may not be able to keep going to figure drawing regularly once the weather breaks. I have lots of things to take care of and do out at the land and only a little bit of time off of work. Not decided at this point one way or the other but I would imagine once it is warmer and light later I am going to need to be out there too late to make it back to the city for class. Will have to see. Maybe I can schedule things to get out there early enough that I can make it back.

The figure drawing helps my brain, but so does being out in the woods.

Time will tell.

We had a new model last night. His name is Sam.

Putting them in order of drawing this time starting out with the short poses.

30 seconds
30 seconds
One minute

One minute

Five minutes
Ten Minutes
Ten Minutes
Fifteen minutes
Ten and Fifteen minutes
Twenty Minutes. The model had taken a pose that I didn’t think they were going to be able to hold so I opted to focus on a part that wouldn’t move as much. I know you don’t normally see me focus so much time on a single body part other than a face.
Thirty Five Minutes. Foreshortening is difficult.
Twenty Minutes

Link to the YouTube TimeLapse

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