When anyone in our lives experiences a loss or a tragedy we always ask ”what can I do?” or ”is there anything that you need?”. Usually the answer is that there isn’t. No matter how much we may want to, we can not take away another’s pain. Often times we shouldn’t anyhow. Grief is a natural process and normal. We often try to ”cheer” people up instead of being present for them in whatever place they are in.

That being said, when Leigh lost Al she did ask me for something. She asked me to draw their hands for her to frame and display. Of course! Here is a thing that I can do. I can help. This feels good at a time when there aren’t adequate words. Images are a thing I understand.

I immediately wanted to make this piece in silverpoint. It is the perfect fit. Silverpoint is a permanent indelible mark – but as it ages and patinas it develops a beautiful tint that can only happen with age. There is no way to erase. Once a mark has been put down it is there. You can work it into the design or start over – but you can’t remove it. Much like relationships. Once something has happened, you can deal with it and move on, but you can never make it not have happened. If things are handled carefully those mis-marks are small and infrequent.

There is probably a great quote that would explain this more articulately – but while I was working on this I was thinking that there are some loves that are so beautiful that they should never end and there are some loves that are so true that they never will. I believe Leigh and Al had that kind of love. They shared it freely with people who were and were not family. They loved. It was beautiful and admirable.

This piece took me quite a while to make as it is larger than I normally work in silverpoint… but it was more than worth the effort for a couple of loving humans who thought I was worth their effort. I’m sorry that you are no longer together in this life but take great solace in your belief that you will be together again.

Love. 💜

~ by justteejay on March 8, 2022.

4 Responses to “Hands”

  1. I. This. This is beautiful. All of it. The words. The silver point. The everything.💚💚💚

  2. Me dear friend, my mind simply can not form the words to tell you all my heart feels right now! I will be forever grateful, not only for the beautiful piece you have created, but for your words here. This beautiful drawing brings me so my peace when I look upon it which is every day. It brings me right back to that moment and the feeling of holding his hand. You are a treasure dear TeeJay, I hope you know that. I will never forget these words here, or the love than you have shown me in them. Much love, Leigh

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