Everything is Different

This post was in my draft folder from last year. I have no idea why I never posted it. So here it is anyhow. wildly out of context and season – but whatever. you can’t fire me.

Here is the original post:

May 16th (the day after my last post) I started another chalk project in my driveway.

Shortly after I began I was joined by a young neighborhood artist named Leslie and her Mom, Ruth. They added nicely to my project and it was wonderful to have company.

I worked on mine a little more:

Then I packed it in for the night and came back and added more the next day.

Another amazing addition by Leslie:

collaborative additions by Leslie and her mom:

Back to prompts…

Virtual Figure Drawing with Mia:

I didn’t have much time but the rain had washed away the previous chalking and some sadness was expressed by a neighbor that it was nice out again and there was nothing out. Time for a quick Duckie.

Virtual Figure Drawing with Cecelia.

Started another chalk project. This one got a little bigger than I had initially intended.

By this time Leslie has moved into working in her own driveway and going bigger… the neighborhood is getting more colorful.

On May 21st I participated in the Record Breaking attempt for the World’s Largest Online Art Class with #DrawWithRob

He wildly surpassed the numbers needed. I don’t know if or when it becomes official but it was fun. I was given a heads up about this event from my niece. I called my daughter. So myself, my niece, my daughter and my Granddaughters all played along with Rob’s instruction.

Then back to work on the driveway some more….

Last class with Rob Liberace.

Another drawing. I really liked this one so it did make it to RedBubble.

Then I got REALLY distracted. I was painting the walls. There has been this one area that I always suspected had an area closed off behind it. While I was painting it occurred to me that if I was ever going to smash through that wall… I should do it then before I repainted everything and made it all nice.

That’s all I am going to tell you about that project for now. It is ongoing and if I get to do everything that I want to it is going to be a SUPER amazing thing. And if not, it will be a weird little storage area. Time will tell which one happens.

I am in (another ) group on Facebook that is doing weekly drawing prompts. This one was Octopus.

Figure drawing….

~ by justteejay on February 15, 2022.

2 Responses to “Everything is Different”

  1. Your sidewalk art is always so engaging! Glad you could influence some young artists as well!!

  2. It’s 539 in the morning, day 3 on midnights in custodial. You are a ray of sunshine in my day… thanks love. 💚

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