I never was very good at following directions.

I was watching a YouTube video yesterday with art advice on it. One of the things that came up has come up lots of other places. That when presenting your work you need to be specific and focused in your presentation. If you are focusing on realistic oil paintings – that should be all that is in your portfolio. If you are a tattoo artist, not only should you only have tattoos in your portfolio, but you should focus on a specific style.


I get that. And I understand why. But I am not necessarily trying to market myself and I am not at all good at following directions. I never have been.

When I chose to market myself as “Just TeeJay” that was part of it. Not that it is just tattoos or just paintings or just sculptures. Just me. And whatever shenanigans I might get up to. When I set up my Instagram account I had put everything on there. Photos of my tattoos, my art, my figure drawing, whatever I might have been up to at the time. It went okay but really I found that the bulk of the people who were following me were there for the critters (drawings & paintings). I would lose some followers every time I posted a tattoo. A bunch if I posted a figure drawing (and WAY more if that figure happened to be male presenting). So I learned my lesson and I set up different accounts for tattoos, figure drawing, my cats & my critters that were more (ahem) adult in nature.

What a pain in the ass.

Now the algorithms don’t like me because I don’t post consistently enough to any of them. I don’t post videos (because I really hate that Instagram is trying to become TikTok).

I don’t care anymore. I am going to leave the stuff broken up on Instagram but going to leave the mad jumble of different types of art here and on my webpage. I may move completely away from posting on some of the forms.

Who knows. For the time being I am planning on using this more. As always I kind of figure that there are very few people who read this (with the notable exception of Gretchen and my Rabid Cupcake friend).

So here is a chalk bunny that I made yesterday because the weather was nice.

Thank you for being here for whatever reason that you are and walking some of my journey with me.

~ by justteejay on October 25, 2022.

2 Responses to “I never was very good at following directions.”

  1. I wondered where you were hiding! Glad to see you posting again! I’m an equal opportunity art appreciator – so I’ve enjoyed all your art…

  2. šŸ’š

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