Was Drawlloween Now Inktober – Daily Drawings for the month of October 2022

A few years ago my sibling told me about a daily drawing project for the month of October. I looked into it and it looked like an inspirational and fun challenge for myself. I have participated every year (but one) since. At some point I became dissatisfied with the Drawlloween prompts. I think then I went to Mab’s drawlloween prompts and then eventually to Inktober.

The Inktober prompts are supposed to be done in ink. As you already know (and was reiterated recently) I have never been good at following directions.

Day 1 – Gargoyle

Day 2 – Scurry

Day 3 – Bat

Day 4 – Scallop

Day 5 – Flame

Day 6 – Bouquet

Day 7 – Trip

Day 8 – Match

Day 9 – Nest

Day 10 – Crabby

Day 11 – Eagle

Day 12 – Forget

Day 13 – Kind

Day 14 – Empty

Day 15 – Armadillo

Day 16 – Fowl

Day 17 – Salty

Day 18 – Scrape

Day 19 – Ponytail

Day 20 – Bluff

Day 21 – Bad Dog

Day 22 – Heist

Day 23 – Booger

Day 24 – Fairy

Day 25 – Tempting

Day 26 – Ego

Day 27 – Snack

Day 28 – Camping

Day 29 – uh-oh

Day 30 – Gear

Day 31 – Farm

That is all of them. Made it through the month. Learned some stuff about my drawing style and some things I would like to push towards and away from.

Tomorrow I open my books for new clients for the first half of 2023 so things will be super busy for a couple of days while I figure that out. The cold weather will be settling in a little more seriously over the next few weeks and projects will once again be focused more on indoors.

Always lots of changes going on. That is the way things are. I can roll with the changes or get rolled over by them. Looking to see how some things work out over this winter. Feels like there is a big change coming.

Thank you to everyone for your support especially those of you that reached out to tell me you are still around and like seeing me here.

Happy Halloween!

~ by justteejay on October 31, 2022.

One Response to “Was Drawlloween Now Inktober – Daily Drawings for the month of October 2022”

  1. I was amazed and amused! The camping was too cute! And I did laugh out loud when I saw “Fowl”!!

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