Prompt Drawings and other things that happened my First Month in Quarantine.

Like a lot of us my life is currently on hold. I am staying home and going out once a week for groceries. I imagined this would make me super productive. It has not. I haven’t felt too terribly inspired. So I returned to my drawing prompt list again to get inspiration from other people and to get me going again.

A small watercolor study of my Aunt & Uncle’s dog. There is a bigger version coming.

This is a very large painting (48″x54″) that I made for a friend of mine. It’s a recycled canvas. I am excited about the idea of going bigger with future work.

This little bunny has been recurring in my sketchbook for quite a while. Finally got a chance to start giving them some paint.

One of my friends referred to it as the “self comforting bunny” and since I have no other working title – that will do for now. (work in progress)…

Off of the drawing prompt list…. “Generations”

I want to say that the prompt for this one was Meadow Owl or Owl Meadow or something like that…

More drawing prompts…

Worked a little bit more on this one:

MissUniverse had gotten damaged at some point. I have never tried to repair this kind of scratch, but figured … what have a got to lose?

There was something about this portrait that was bugging me so I fixed that. Of course now that I am looking at it again I see something else that I could tweak. This process really could go on forever with very painting if I let it.

Worked on Smudge a little bit. Keep going back and forth with this one. The original photo is so blurry. I put details in, I take them out, I put details in, I take them out…. repeat.

Couple More Drawing Prompts:

Got out the chalk to play in the driveway and seriously overestimated the temperature!

Painted the risers on the stairs with entirely too much help. This cat got a bath. He was unhappy enough about that to bite me. Fortunately not enough to require medical attention. I really don’t want to have to head to Urgent Care for anything right now.

The prompt for this was “Wolf Dancing in the Rain”. Obviously I went way off track.

Drawing Prompt Crow Brothers:

Some drawings that I did for a fundraiser for an animal shelter.

Rochester Art Center did an online figure drawing session. First time drawing “from life” online. It was actually way more difficult than I thought that it was going to be. Maybe next time I will try mirroring it on to the computer so that the image is larger. Anyhow, I was very grateful for the opportunity.

more work on this bunny…

Painted a door for a friend’s basement. More step by step photos and commentary here: Jubie’s Basement Door

After the door was finished I started another chalk drawing on my driveway. While it was still cold out it was much warmer than when I made the heart.
More photos and info on another post here: Sidewalk Chalking in Quarantine

Drawing Prompt “Bunny Goddess”:

I made myself some masks for when I go out in the ‘Real World’ for errands.

I liked the hippopotamus drawing enough to upload it to RedBubble. If you are interested it is here HIPPO

Drawing Prompt “Chilly Chinchilla”

Also made it to RedBubble – Chilly Chinchilla

Oddly enough my prompt for Easter was Bunny Day Dreams. Just where it happened to come up in the list. Although, the odds are always decent since I draw a lot of rabbits in my work anyhow and people frequently suggest them for the prompts.

Prompt for this one was “Purrfectly Oily” from a fellow cat lady… but I wanted oily to not be negative so I went with an otter. Otters need to have just the right amount of oil and with all of those amazing whiskers I think we can make them honorary cats.

and also made it to RedBubble – Otter in the Parlor

So today marks one month since I closed down the shops and stepped away from my life. Made this in the driveway today.

All in all it has been a remarkably interesting month for all of us.

I hope that I will be able to continue to make art and share it with the world however I can.

Beyond that we all have to just take it one day at a time and try to put our best foot forward each day.

Remember no matter how you are coping – you are still coping. Hang in there.

~ by justteejay on April 15, 2020.

3 Responses to “Prompt Drawings and other things that happened my First Month in Quarantine.”

  1. Teejay I love the bunnies – all of them! The self comfort bunny is awesome. And the otter made me really chuckle. I just imagined that the otter was doing her best to look seductive! I really like the light bulb chalk art. I wish I had the talent to do something like that – it would definitely give people a lift as they strolled past… I also like the masks. My SIL is making them and I need to get a couple over to my son now that all the employees at the grocery are wearing them. Stay safe!

  2. Hi Teejay, I’ve been watching your work for a while. Following your blog and instagram. I always love to see what you’ve come up with. That portrait painting with the scratch that you fixed came out awesome! I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to see where the bunny painting ends up!

    Hey – I know you frequented Steve Carpenters art center on monday nights for life drawing. I was a student of Steve’s for his general painting and drawing courses. I never could work up the courage to go to the open drawing sessions (for no good reason). With the closing of his studio I am now deeply regretting that. Anyway – now I’m wondering where I can find other open life drawing classes. Do you have any suggestions?

    I know there is a new art center here in Irondequoit (next to subway) and they had a flyer that said they had life drawing on Sundays. Have you been to that?

    Thanks in advace and great work!

    • Hi Travis,
      Nice to (kind of quarantine style) meet you 🙂
      I am beyond bummed about Steve’s closing. While I completely understand it doesn’t make it any less of a loss.
      You are correct, the Art Center in Irondequoit offers several opportunities each week for life drawing. Some clothed and some not. I have been to the Sunday one a few times and it is a great group. They keep a schedule on their website. Before all of this happened the Artist’s Cave was also talking about picking up the weeks that the Art Center couldn’t do so that it would be consistent every week. Of course right now none of that is happening.
      The Yards started an online Life Drawing group. The first one was last night but I believe that will be every Wednesday.
      If you do the Facebook thing, you can join the group that I moderate “Figure/Life Drawing in and Around Rochester“ and we post there things that are going on.
      Otherwise, feel free to reach out to me directly at and I can let you know what is going on in the area.
      Thank you and stay safe ~ TeeJay

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