Figure Drawing February 14th, 2022

Valentine’s Day is a mixed bag. I have some happy thoughts about it but it is definitely an overly commercial date. There are things I would like to have been able to do. I would like to have some moments of feeling special or loved – but there are a lot of us that want for those things. I know that there is lots of love and support in my life even on the days where I am not feeling it or too stubborn to accept it.

So being able to go to figure drawing and laugh and visit with some good people made my day much better.
In the shop sometimes we will talk about “Saturday Energy”. When we have gotten to the end of the week and everyone is just a bit punchy but also silly and having fun. Last night’s group had Saturday Energy and I very much appreciated it.

I was therefor talking and visiting during some of the time that I could have been drawing – but no matter what as always it is good practice and I am glad that I was able to go and grateful to have this space and be allowed to participate.

Very chaotic even for 30 second poses!
Bonus 30 second pose (I thought we were starting the minute poses)
One minute poses

These drawings were done at Flower City Figure Study. Model is Mia.

If you have been here before you know that I very much enjoy drawing Mia. She is also the one who hosts these Monday night get togethers.

Thank you again Mia.

~ by justteejay on February 15, 2022.

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  1. I hope the universe showered you with some love!

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