Jubie’s Basement Door

I have been spending way more time online in Quarantine. Facebook, email, Instagram… whatever. It’s been a time killer. It has helped me feel connected. It has been a lot of things that it wasn’t (or wasn’t as much) before all of this happened.

My friend Jubie posted a photo of his basement door. Said that he wanted to do something interesting with it. I think he may have tagged me but I’m not sure. Anyhow, this was the photo.

I was inspired! I reached out to Jubie and he brought the door over to me a couple hours later. Little bit of sanding and I was ready to go!

started out with acrylic for the first layer of underpainting
was going too slowly for my taste so I started playing with spraypaint. I did use a respirator and cleared out of the room for a few hours afterwards. Still stinky.
Once the spray paint was dry I started going over that with oil paint.
I have a “super black” paint that I bought as part of a kickstarter and hadn’t used. Thought the background behind him was a good place to try it out. It took a couple of coats and I don’t think I got as solid of coverage as I wanted (my impatience, not the product) but it definitely cut down on the glare and I like the effect.
I think at this point I called it finished. Explained to Jubie that it was oil and it could either stay at my house for a few days to dry to the touch or he could pick it up and be careful about how he handled it.
Better photo in natural light.

Overall a super fun project and a good exercise in working quickly and larger. Looking forward to what other big projects I can make.

~ by justteejay on April 13, 2020.

3 Responses to “Jubie’s Basement Door”

  1. Now that is a basement door that would scare me! As a child there wouldn’t have been enough candy in the world to get me to go anywhere near it!!

  2. […] Painted a door for a friend’s basement. More step by step photos and commentary here: Jubie’s Basement Door […]

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