Figure Drawing January 24th 2022

I used to publish here much more regularly. I have gotten out of the habit. Would like to get back into it, but can’t make any promises. I have never really adjusted to the new publishing platform and it is far more cumbersome than it used to be (for me) to put stuff together.

Anyhow, last night I went to figure drawing. It’s been a couple weeks since I went. I wasn’t feeling well the one night and then last week we had a snow storm and it was cancelled.

I felt rusty. I am still glad I went. I am glad that Mia has given us a new option for Monday night figure drawing and I would like to support it as much as I can.

30 second poses

One minute poses
More one minute poses
5 minute poses
10 minute
Not sure if this was 10 or 15 munjutes
Also unsure on the time on this one
Back to 10 minute
Last pose of the night. 10? 15?

I need to write down the schedule because they always follow the same time on the poses and I would be able to go back and figure out how long each one was.
Some of these I upload to YouTube but they tend to delete the ones with men in them so I am not going to this week. If I do another one that I am happier with the drawings I will go back to it.

~ by justteejay on January 25, 2022.

4 Responses to “Figure Drawing January 24th 2022”

  1. That’s interesting about the delete bots on YouTube. Huh… 💚

  2. interesting. I like the use of the shadow – seems there is more empty space than drawing – to good effect!

  3. I LOVE your postings! Zakary was an excellent model and I will try to schedule him again soon. He seriously holds very still and his poses are good! You captured him so well!

    Pose times are as follows:
    HOUR 1 (6-7pm)
    6 30 Second Gestures
    5 1 Minute Gestures
    2 5 Minute
    2 10 Minute
    1 15 Minute

    10 minute model break

    HOUR 2 (7-8pm)
    1 10 Minute
    1 15 Minute
    1 20 Minute

    10 minute model break

    HOUR 3 (8-9pm)
    1 35 Minute
    1 20 Minute

    Thank you for attending TeeJay! I always love to see your drawings and especially the time-lapse – seeing how the drawing progresses and how you go about creating the image helps others in their own drawings. I appreciate you always posting! I feel like I learn so much!

    P.S. Ack! The tip jar was in the way… gotta remember to move that during the posing! LOL!

    • Thank you Mia! I am SO happy to have an option for Monday night Figure Drawing again. It has been wonderful. Thank you for putting it together and being so incredibly organized.

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