the Money Marks are Back Again

It’s been a while. I’m still collecting these and people are still sending them to me.

If you don’t know what I am talking about – the consensus is that they are called Chop Marks. Some people believe that they are put there by money exchangers once they have identified the money as being genuine so that they don’t have to check it again.

Some people believe that the marks are put their by drug dealers marking their money. Some people believe this is the “marked money” referred to in movies when bad guys are holding up banks and they say “no marked bills”. Some people have some wild ideas – some people have some mild ideas. Some people believe they are done in conjunction with the Where’s George stuff.

There is no clear consensus and I still haven’t heard from anyone who is actually doing the marking.

Most of these have been sent to me and I apologize, but I am so far behind that I can’t go back and give everyone credit. If one of these is yours – please email me and let me know. Special thanks to Chelsea Linder who sent a BUNCH of these in December and prompted me to finally get around to posting again.

IMG_1230IMG_1229IMG_1228 IMG_1227heart stamp on $100 IMG_1225IMG_1224 IMG_1223 IMG_1222 IMG_1221 IMG_1220 fullsizeoutput_4141 fullsizeoutput_41a4

DSC02290DSC02291DSC02292DSC02294DSC02295DSC02296DSC02297DSC02298DSC02299IMG_5612photoIMG_1214 4 aVDYbtj5TqaZF9gg78t3pA A5mRkK7rT12257G8huSmQw 1TpHUl3NQIqMc8F+QkvMLg 20180427_210143 20180511_080633 20180731_002619 IMG_1215 2 IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1219 IMG_5734 IMG_20190222_160609790 UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1e30e UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1e30c UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1e30d UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1e30b Francis Fish stamp on $10 billUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1e2cd sstamp 640stamp v+q%9wYRTtCWTiPAV8NiOw RBFstamp +ik5P4uvSyqmHI1AbAX+wQ JVstamp

This one I know what it is. Businesses will band up denominations of money for deposit. When they do that they will use paper bands similar to what the banks use – then stamp them with their deposit info. When the stamper gets sloppy the stamp for the deposit will miss the paper band and you will get left with pieces of the edges like this (the rest of the stamp missing where the band was).

20180427_210237 2

If you haven’t had your fill of these – you can check out previous posts on them here:

Hopefully I can go back to updating this as I find more (and find more that have been sent to me and I haven’t posted yet).

If you want to send them to me – you can email directly to but please do not send a photo of the entire bill. When I try to open those in photoshop it crashes and opens a browser window which lectures me on counterfeiting. I would prefer not to do that TOO many times.

(note to self. back to 101618 for checking photos)

New bills found May 2019:

SDN 3 on $100 billblue dolphin stamp on 100SC stamp on 50 dollar billMC and circle stamp on $20red round SDM stamp on $20

New Bills found June 2019:

211 stamp in circle on 100 billmaras stamp on 100 billblue OR stamp on hundred dollar bill

~ by justteejay on April 30, 2019.

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