More Chops (Stamps and Marks on Currency)

A couple of years ago I had started actively collecting and asking people about the funny little stamps that I was finding on currency. I still find very few people who have ever noticed them.

The original post and many subsequent marks was posted here: Stamps and Marks on Money

I have found a few other people talking about them online: Stamps on Paper Money , A Study in Modern Chop Marks , Chop Marks on Hundreds

I still can’t say with any kind of authority who is stamping these bills or why – but I still find them interesting, so here are some for your possible amusement:

294.c on Hundred dollar bill   horse stamp on $100 bill   Multiple chops on $50 bill

multiple stamps on fifty dollar bill

multiple stamps on $50 bill

SD stamp on $50   kanji stamped on $50   ABS MSL stamped on $50   stamped on twenty dollar bill  plane stamped on $20

Not a chop, but stamped on currency I will keep my money you can keep the change


Couple more from the same $100 bill found in March 2012

red letter stamp on $100   dolphin stamp on hundred dollar bill

Still in March 2012

fish stamp on 100 bill   money bag stamp on 100 bill      several stamps on hundred dollar bill   luis or luise stamp on twenty   HLW stamp on twenty dollar bill   adidas FOC stamp on twenty dollar bill

April of 2012 and one client brought me three marked bills.
Two with the same mark:
marks on hundred dollar bills
and one Hundred that looks like it has been places:
well traveled $100 bill

I haven’t updated this in a while. I know I have a file of them on my computer – but today I received one via email from Florida (April 2016)


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10 Responses to “More Chops (Stamps and Marks on Currency)”

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  2. Im no expert but im pretty sure those are from Isreal. In Isreal to stamp 100 bill with some symbols or initials is common in private ‘Exchange’ shops, even in private transaction, where is cash “in work” people use this stamp to make “sign” on the bill, and in the case someone were to try to give them fake money, they can verify or refuse to return/change it for original if it is without “my mark”.

  3. I recently found a bill with a larger stamp on it. I don’t think it’s necissarily the same thing but I think It’s pretty cool. It seems to have Kanjii on it? Do you have any idea if this may also be a “chop” mark?

    • No idea. I am still super curious about these. I think a lot of them are things other than “chop marks” but there isn’t any really good way of finding out what they are or who is putting them there. If you want to send me a photo of the stamp I can put it up. Maybe some one could translate the kanji.

  4. I have one bill with 9 small stamps on it. I’ve been looking everywhere for their meaning. Let me know if you want a photo and I’ll send it!

  5. The money changer verified it’s not a fake. Here’s one money changer in Thailand explaining his stamp. FAQ #9

  6. I have the same horse marked note like the one in the article. That money changer must get many US notes.

  7. This money changer in Thailand explains his stamp in
    FAQ #9

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