Single Session Painting February 27th, 2020

Last Thursday I didn’t go to the Group without a name at the Hungerford.
Instead I went to tour the production facility of Golden Paints. That should be a separate blog post for that but I was so totally overwhelmed by everything that I neglected to take photos and/or properly document what I saw. If you have ANY interest at all in any of the Golden products I highly recommend going and checking it out for yourself.

I did buy myself some new goodies from Golden while I was there. One of the things that I picked up were a few different textured gessoes. (Is that the plural of gesso?)

So today having only one session to paint the model I opted to try out one of the new gessoed boards. Overall I was very pleased with the texture and found that it greatly improved my experience with the board. I will need to do a second coat next time as the areas where I didn’t fully cover the board were still slippery. There was one section in her cheek that I kept wiping off the paint every time I tried to layer on it. That was a bit frustrating – but it’s all a learning process and overall I was pleased with today’s efforts.


People often ask me how long these take. Normally I can only guess. We are there from 1pm – 5pm but the models take breaks and it sometimes takes us a while to settle in.
today I can say for sure that each of the above paintings represents 15 minutes of painting. The model today was sitting for 15 minute stretches.

The painting below is the same progress as the last one above just photographed in the hallway instead of on the easel (better light).

This one is 8″x10″ again because I only had the one day to work on it I went smaller than the 11″x14″ that I normally use.


When I am home and I can figure out what the name of the gesso product is I will add it here as well.

My brain is continuing to get better and other than the occasional bout of self pity I seem to be doing fairly well.

Saturday is our first open house at the new space in Piano Works. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to attend but as it turns out I was able to move my appointments around and now I can participate.
Looking forward to meeting everyone and setting up my space more.

~ by justteejay on February 27, 2020.

2 Responses to “Single Session Painting February 27th, 2020”

  1. Somehow the expression in the 3rd photo is more endearing than the finished portrait… something about the tilt of the eyes? Still not having a photo of the actual model makes me a poor judge of the final…

  2. I think she got more annoyed with the pose as the day went on and that is reflected in her eyes and her mouth. Not that I blame her. I couldn’t sit that long. Also this one does not get a great likeness of the models features. She has very large eyes and I actually made them smaller. It’s all good practice.

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