Painting February 6th & 13th at the Hungerford Art Group Without a Name

Jessamyn is a great model. Super professional and strikes a pose without any (visible) effort on her part. I admire the models so much. I don’t think I could do it. Even with a brace for my head I think I would still wind up in a completely different position.

Once again in life we have to remember that all of us have different strengths and weaknesses.

My life is settling into some sort of version of normalcy I think or as close to it gets. I feel much more peace than I would have expected and am looking forward to some new adventures.

Painting seemed a little easier this week as well.

First week’s progress:


Some times I don’t feel like I do a whole lot on the second session until after I look at the finished photos. Really I think I mostly just polished this one.

Drew let me try some new brushes that he is using and they were really nice. Of course it also counterpointed how wretched the brushes that I am carting around are currently. I have nice brushes. I just hoard them like a reclusive forest witch trying to protect her magic. Maybe the magic is in the brushes and I can only get it out if I actually use them? Maybe I need to start actually using the nice things that I buy for myself?

Anyhow, here was the progress on the second session.


Crazy how much the light source changes the color.

Overall I am pretty pleased with this one as a painting. I would have liked to capture her likeness a little bit better. I’ve enjoyed being able to paint so much lately.

Off to poke through my brush stash and see what I have to play with.


~ by justteejay on February 13, 2020.

2 Responses to “Painting February 6th & 13th at the Hungerford Art Group Without a Name”

  1. I love how this picture progresses! I think this and the one before do seem to go together – a pirate and a wench!

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