Painting with the Group without a Name January 23rd & 30th – Lightning

Thursdays at the Hungerford

I have painted Lightning a few times. He is a really nice guy and always in a good humor when he has posed for us. I think his right name is Harold, but he has asked to called Lightning and jokes about how Super Fast he is.

I was intending on making him smaller overall on the canvas. I think I made him a bit smaller than I have been making these faces but I think in the process of that I slid him down the canvas a touch more than I would have liked.

Oh well. These are all just for practice anyhow.


Second week:


I stopped early this week as I was fairly happy with where I was at.

Always worth the time and the practice.


~ by justteejay on January 30, 2020.

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  1. I really love this!

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