an End and a Beginning

This is the next full painting that I made after my show opened. I made it for the group show Magic & Mayhem that will be opening at Whitman Works this Friday.

I’ve been a bit out of it so they don’t even have a name. I don’t know if Derek named the piece or left it as Untitled.


This is most unfortunately the last painting that I will be delivering to Whitman Works. They have decided to close the gallery. This will be the last show. After this show closes (the end of December) they will have a sale to get rid of some of the remaining inventory (discount will come out of the gallery’s commission…. the artists will still receive their full percentages) and the doors will close January 25th 2020.

It was a good run. I have very much enjoyed being at Whitman. It was my first real gallery experience and I have nothing but good things to say about the owners Derek and Carol. Anywhere else that I go to eventually will have a lot to live up to.

That being said I am not ready to jump into another gallery at the moment. I will have a new space shortly to house my work. It will be a work space and a place to hang my work up. I will announce details about that soon. For now I can tell you that it is not going to be at the Hungerford Building. I did try to get in there but when they were full I decided to look elsewhere. I think that this new situation will work out even better than Hungerford would have but time will tell.

Thank you again to everyone that has supported me – everyone who has been to Whitman Works – and especially everyone who has opted to adopt a piece of my art into your home or upon your person.

I am incredibly honored by the support that I have in my life.

Thank you.

~ by justteejay on December 2, 2019.

2 Responses to “an End and a Beginning”

  1. So sad to hear that the gallery is closing. Your art is beautiful and your talent extends in many areas! Even though you are not ready to seek out another gallery, perhaps fate will align to put an opportunity in your path…

    • Thank you. I have got some galleries in mind that will take a few pieces – but I couldn’t possibly expect another gallery to take on all of the inventory that I had at Whitman Works. I brought them 73 new pieces just for this last show on top of the innumerable ones that they already had. I have faith it will work out. Something will come along. Meantime I will keep making things and not worry about what happens to them.
      Thank you again!

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