Smudge Tattoo!

I am going to go out on a limb and say that you have probably seen this meme somewhere.


Probably it was filled in with captions. Usually clever. Sometimes not…. but I am gathering that anyone who lurks on the internet has come across it somewhere.

I really wanted to tattoo this cat on someone. I’m not sure why. I don’t recall ever having a burning desire to tattoo something that was popular at the time (maybe I have and I am not remembering).

Can’t get enough of this cat.

I know a lot of people are sick of him and this meme, but I honestly don’t care. He is adorable and portrayed as snarky and clever. He is the hero that I need. His name in real life is Smudge. He is on Instagram as @smudge_lord I am pretty sure he lives in the same town as my Sister (both of them are Canadian).

Internet fame.

Anyhow. Really wanted to tattoo him on someone. As I do when I am looking for a willing participant, I head to Facebook. I asked if someone would be willing to get a Smudge tattoo. First respondent was actually someone that helps out at the Greece shop. Kaitlin is our Counter Squirrel and she is also a big fan of Smudge. This had to happen.

The biggest problem before the tattoo was that the meme photo of Smudge is actually quite blurry. Trying to render him ahead of time was tricky as I wanted to be true to Smudge’s authentic self (like the little dots on his nose) but not lose the expression that you see in the blurry photo.

I re-drew Smudge from reference photos on the Instagram page and used that for reference for the tattoo.

Here is the result.


(Photo with the screaming lady is on my iPad next to the actual tattoo).


Less than 24 hours later people are voicing their opinions on the internet. (like they do). By and large lots and lots of Smudge fans loving the idea and the tattoo.

Couple of people being jerks and asking why someone would get that tattooed on them. (If you think people don’t get weird tattoos on them, go check out @snake__pit on Instagram).

Someone was nice enough to make that into another meme for us.


Works for me. Works for Kaitlin.

Honestly I don’t see a down side to this. He’s an adorable kitty. Both Kaitlin and I are cat ladies. Even if  “no one knows who he is” in a few years… she has a good memory and a great tattoo of a cat.

Because lots of people have asked. The tattoo below Smudge was made by Emma at the Greece location of White Tiger Tattoo. She is on Instagram as @catacomb.kid the tattoo says “Bowties are cool” according to Kaitlin.

~ by justteejay on November 19, 2019.

3 Responses to “Smudge Tattoo!”

  1. You really are an artist extraordinaire!

  2. Awesome tattoo of Smudge!

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