and still more tattoos (always)

Healed photos of two tattoos that I love a lot on a really wonderful client that I am super glad I got to meet.

I love my job.



Made a memorial portrait of little Dede for her Dog Dad.


Got a healed shot of this Harley Quinn that I made (a year ago?).


Finished up this 3/4 sleeve. Hope to get better photos when it isn’t so red and angry.


Tiger Eyes based on the colors of her son’s eyes:


Poison Ivy:


Memoral Tattoo of an old friend on her daughter. Absolutely do not bring this one up with me if you can’t deal with me crying.


Kitsune based on one of my drawings:


Bad Kitty:

Love this idea and am hoping that I can get photos once it is healed and all of that stencil is washed off of there.


Healed American Flag:


Added a peony to my friend Michelle’s leg to go along with the one that we made last July. There will be more to come on this later (and I made the skeleton also some time ago).


Custom piece made for a fun returning client. Lady is based on photos of a friend including the Plague Doctor mask.

steampunk lady and lion tattoo

“Starter tattoo” for a young man. Hoping he decides to let me add on to this at some point in the future. Stencil is still very visible in these photos.

octopus tattoo

and I realized I have been slacking horribly on updating this… so here are some other random tattoos that I have made lately that I am happy with in no particular order.


dog portrait tattoo by TeeJay tentacle skull tattoo by TeeJay

First session on this one. More to come. fox tattoo in progress by TeeJaywatercolor poppies tattoo by TeeJay

Really the best way to keep current on what I am up to is my Instagram feed @justteejay I post here eventually but I post there more frequently.

I appreciate you checking up on what I am creating wherever you choose to do so.

~ by justteejay on November 18, 2019.

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