Figure Drawing September 30th & October 7th 2019

I’ve been having computer problems again so I am combining two weeks into one. Hope that is okay.


Time-lapse of session:

On October 7th I covered the attendance taking in addition to keeping time for the models. That is fairly difficult for me to do as I don’t feel like I talk to people well and I am always embarrassed that I have such a hard time keeping track of names. It went well all things considered, but it did cut into the amount of time I could spend drawing on many of the earlier poses.

I’m sure if I keep doing it, it will get easier and I am SURE that it could be argued that being able to talk to people is a more universally useful life skill than rendering humans.

No matter what I am very grateful to Steve and his comfortable inviting studio. I have learned a lot there and not all of it has been in class. There are some great people there.



Time-lapse on You Tube at:

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One Response to “Figure Drawing September 30th & October 7th 2019”

  1. I think you are getting better (not that you were unskilled to begin). You have such a good command of the use of shadow to define the contours of the models! I really like the expression in the first set of drawings!

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