Perry Chalk Festival 2019

Somehow I never posted these photos. I have no idea how that happened!! I love attending and participating in this event. I look forward to it every summer now.

This year I was fortunate enough to have my niece accompany me. She even practiced at home and drew up a submission sketch to get approved in order to be able to participate.

Unfortunately for her, the youth chalking times don’t start as early as the adult chalking does so she spent some time getting good and bored.

IMG_2537(note bored child)IMG_2538IMG_2539

Finally she got to start the chalking!



Two important things to note. One, how completely “into” her work she got. I don’t think anyone else managed to get quite this much chalk on themselves during the process. Two, if you look closely at the little piece of white paper to the side of her…. that is her reference drawing. She was chalking for probably about 10 minutes when a bird managed to perfectly target her reference sheet. Fortunately it wasn’t on a critical area… but overall it was very inconsiderate of the bird.



My completed piece.


Juliana’s completed piece.


Aftermath. That much time chalking hard wiped her out. There were some french fries shortly after this photo. That helped.


Photo that our friend posted of me working on her Instagram.


It’s hard to tell when the photos are taken from the “correct” angle, but the last couple of years I have distorted my drawings and stretched them so that they look better when viewed standing in front of them. This angle shows you how skewed the proportions really are.


I won an award.


We had a really really good time (sunburn and all) and I hoping that Juliana can join me again next year.

Additional photos for this post taken by my friend Chris Clemens. Check out his blog for many amazing things to do and explore in our region.

Exploring Upstate

Thank you for visiting and again my apologies for this post taking so long after the event to appear. I really thought that I had posted it previously.

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  1. Wow. I never thought about having to skew the image so that it looked proportioned when viewing it standing up! The chalk art is wondrously exciting to see as it comes together. How neat that your niece is following in your footsteps!

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