Figure Drawing July14th, 2019 Art Center of Rochester

My niece wants to apply to an art school. The school that she wants to apply to requires her to draw a draped figure from life in an hour and a half there at the school as part of the admission process.

Not knowing too much about these sort of things – my sister sent her off to me to work on her skills for this. Unfortunately there are no “draped figure” sessions here. Being that she is only 13 I knew it would be uncomfortable for her to go to nude sessions – but it would be inordinately helpful if she could get through it.

The first studio to have open figure time here after her arrival was the Art Center of Rochester. I contacted them to see if they had any minimum age requirements for participants and apprise them of the situation. They did inform me that there would be a male model that night.

I talked it over with Juliana and she decided to give it a try with the stipulation that we could leave at any time if she got too uncomfortable.

We went. She did great! She doesn’t want anyone but her mom to see her drawings so I won’t be posting any of them from this week.

I am super impressed with how well she handled everything (even knowing how terribly awkward it was for her).

Here are the drawings that I made.


Time lapse Video:

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One Response to “Figure Drawing July14th, 2019 Art Center of Rochester”

  1. That she was able to handle the nude model is a testament to her drive to succeed. I think she will do fine and be able to handle anything the admission tests throws at her!!

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