Figure Drawing June 17th, 2019

I’m back from my week at IMC. I am still processing that and there may be a blog post on it at a later date. Or at the very least I hope to update and post the in progress photos of what I worked on while I was there. Beyond that I think it is going to take some time to percolate. I am thinking that it is more likely to appear as a change in direction in my work than it is to appear as an articulated conversation.

If I talk with you in person and you would like to hear about my experiences… I am more than happy to do so. Albeit with the caveat that I am still digesting it and it may be different if you were to ask me again tomorrow.

That being said, spending a week (mostly) painting did make me realize that silver point is not helping my flow out at all. While it is a novel medium and I like the end results – it is too nit picky and time consuming. It does not lend itself to the long flowing movements that I would like to see in my painting and my drawings.

So back to digital for now. I may go back to charcoal (as much as I dislike it) as that would allow for more fluid movements. The screen on the iPad is super slippery and so my pencil tends to wander off where I don’t really want it to unless I have a hard grip on it – which also does not lend itself to fluidity.

It will work for now.

So here is what I made yesterday. Larry is back so I was just keeping time and didn’t have to take attendance. That made it easier to focus on the model.

Short poses.

gesture drawings - female model

Little longer.

figure studyfigure study female in chairfigure study female in chair from back

and a little longer yet.

figure study female model leaning forward on stoolfigure study model leaning in chair female

and the last pose for the evening. Carly actually kept her eyes open which was really nice. Normally by the end of the evening the models are tired – then Steve puts them into a comfy pose (since they have to hold it for 40 minutes) and a good number of them fall asleep. It was a nice change to be able to see the model’s eyes on the long pose.

figure study reclining model female

The time lapse from the iPad if you are interested.


Being at the IMC did make me want to incorporate human figures into my personal work. So now I am going to be looking at the figure studies as more than just an exercise.

More new and different things to come.

Thanks again for visiting my little corner of the internet. I hope that you are inspired by something today.

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One Response to “Figure Drawing June 17th, 2019”

  1. I’m always impressed with your work. I dabbled with water color and acrylics way back BC (before children). I have found my medium with clay… I hope you do post some of your paintings as I’d like to see them.

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