Monster Project United #20

Still having so much fun with these.

This is Bumpy. He was created by seven year old Grant. I don’t know where the Monster Project finds these kids – but I want to hang out with them. I know for sure that I was no where near this creative as a child.


Moster Project 20 Grant's Bumpy

Please take a moment and watch Grant explain Bumpy’s Alien Powers. He’s amazing.

My version of Bumpy:

monster project united bumpy the monster

and the time lapse of Bumpy being drawn on my iPad:

If these inspire you – anyone at all can participate. If you sign up on the Monster Project’s site – they will send you an email every other week with a new monster to imagine. I hope that the kids get as much out of participating in this as I do. I look forward to the new prompts.

by the way…. I made sure to give Bumpy a dashboard human and I am pretty sure he is wearing colander pants. I think they must be best for tucking and rolling over people. Give you both support and breathability.

I also decided that the little wires with radar dishes on the ends were for telekinetic control of his ship. The two that you can’t see in my drawing plug directly into his chair.

Grant can let me know if I got any of that wrong.


~ by justteejay on June 1, 2019.

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