Bell Jar Hummingbird

Was reading a book the other day (one of the Harry Potter books) and they briefly described a magical bell jar that held a fragment of time in it. A hummingbird releasing from the shell and returning and releasing and returning and so on and so forth.

Obviously there are a lot of stunning visuals contained in the book – but for some reason I kept thinking about this one. Had some time yesterday in between appointments and here is the result.

hummingbird in belljar

Time lapse of me making it…

and that’s all for today.

I really am working on a bunch of paintings. Lots of things. I just want to keep them a surprise until my show in November.

Please be patient with me. I am hoping that it will be worth the wait. Mark your calendars.

November 1st at Whitman Works. Costumes greatly encouraged.

~ by justteejay on June 1, 2019.

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