Figure Drawing May 20th, 2019

Still using Silver point. I was varnishing some paintings earlier in the day and I think I got spray varnish on the first sheet of silver point. It was not cooperating in the way it normally would.

I had ordered white and cream plike paper – thinking that I would use white highlights on the creme paper (they didn’t show well enough) and that it would look nice when the silverpoint marks ‘turn’. So far it’s too soon to know if that has worked out at all. I had looked up ways to age the marks quicker, but I haven’t attempted any of them yet.

Short poses (on the oddly coated paper). Paper is actually creme. My phone apparently “fixes” the coloring for me.


Little longer (on white paper):




on the back of the same white plike paper (the creme is thinner and not opaque enough to utilize the back):


Long pose (again this is actually on the creme paper):


Photographed together you can see the difference:


I bought so much of this paper (it comes in giant sheets and I cut it up) that I want to keep using it for a while. If I have some time to work on personal drawings I may do some more in the silverpoint.

Until then, rest assured I am furiously busy painting – but want to save them to show off when my show opens the beginning of November.

Next Monday is a Holiday so there won’t be any class next week.


~ by justteejay on May 21, 2019.

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