Project My Monsta

I was contacted by Project My Monsta to see if I would be interested in doing a re-draw for them as well. Since I am having fun with these I agreed. They sent me 3 photos to pick from and I chose this one.


I didn’t get any information about the child that drew this one or their age.

I did suspect that the child’s drawing was based on a tank. I intentionally decided to move away from that. All politics aside, I think there are enough real monsters in the world for all of us to worry about and I would like these to be more fun monsters.

Here is my version.


and the time-lapse of me working on the drawing:

Not sure how things work with Project My Monsta – but I do hope that they ask me to participate again some time. I have fun with these.

Update: Apparently My Monsta has a web page in addition to their Instagram presence so if you would like to check them out you can do so at My Monsta

Check them out and let the kids in your life know about them 🙂


~ by justteejay on May 14, 2019.

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  1. I’m enjoying these too!

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