HummingBear & other randomness

You see lots of random memes in any given day if you spend any time at all on the internet. Friend posted this on their facebook feed:


(and if you are an internet purist – please do not message me and explain to me why this image doesn’t qualify as a meme.)

It made me wonder what else a hummingbear might look like. I took a jab at it and came up with this.


The timelapse of the drawing if you are interested.

Every once in a while someone will forward me an article on the weird little angry rabbits that appeared in Medieval Manuscript margins. I have read a bunch of them and they explain some of the meanings… but basically they are doodles and jokes from a time  long ago. They may be offensive. They may be funny. Without a better understanding of the times – we aren’t going to “get” the jokes. I am totally okay with that.

Figured I would start re-drawing them when I am in between projects.


of course for the second one I didn’t even pick a rabbit… but who can resist a kitty snail? or whatever that is?

snailkittytheirs snailkittymine


I got together with a friend who wanted to experiment with oil paints. I didn’t have a real plan and I didn’t want to bring one of the pieces that I have going for my show in the fall (they were too far along to do much demonstrating on). So I made this for no reason other than to play with paint. It’s good to goof off sometimes. Maybe I will work on it more. Maybe it will wind up in my show. Maybe this is as far as it will ever get. Doesn’t matter. It was good for me.


I had debated about leaving the background edges canvas or darkening them in. Now that I have done it, I still can’t decide if it was the right decision.





~ by justteejay on May 9, 2019.

One Response to “HummingBear & other randomness”

  1. The snail cat is too cute!!

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