Figure Drawing May 6th, 2019

Played with Silverpoint again this week.

I’m still helping out (currently by timing). I hear Kevin is doing much better and will be back soon so I will most likely give up my position when he returns. It’s been fun and I like feeling like I am helping out and giving back in some little way. Steve has been a mentor and an inspiration and I really hope to be like him when I grow up.

I stay fairly small when I am working with silverpoint – and since I don’t have any plans for these later on I figure it’s okay to try to maximize the plike paper.

I really want to do more of the abandoned art – and these would be great for that (in that I don’t have a purpose for them) but I wonder how people would react to finding “nudes”. I want to bring joy and make people happy when they find artwork and I don’t want to offend or upset anyone.

All that being said – if you ever have a desire to have any of these for your own for any reason…. let me know. The ones on newsprint all wound up in the recycle bin. I don’t think the plike paper can be recycled.

gesture drawings silverpoint on plike paper

These two are done on the creme paper (obviously the same piece) but the camera “corrects” the color and in the photos they look exactly like the white paper does.

FigureDrawing2figure drawing silverpoint on plike

Final pose for the night. Back to the white paper… it’s thicker and I can use both sides. The first photo of the shorter poses is on the back of the long pose from last week. I can’t do that with the creme paper.

figure drawing female model silverpoint on plike

If you have any other suggestions on what I can do with these (or a way that I could label them for art drop purposes) let me know.


~ by justteejay on May 7, 2019.

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