Figure Drawing April 22nd, 2019

I had a root canal earlier in the day. It has been explained to me that these aren’t that big of a deal. Since the only dental work I have ever had done was the extraction of my wisdom teeth… I didn’t know what to expect.

I thought I would be more sore than I was, but I was super self conscious of my still droopy face. I went for Figure Drawing anyhow so that I could keep time for the group.

The model was new and waited for Steve to pose her each time – so the drawing time was lessened a bit.

Warm up (5 minute) poses:


Next series around 12 minutes each:


Around 20-25 minutes


The last pose of the night is the balance of the hour after the 10 minute break and posing set up. Unfortunately not too long into the pose I started to feel really sick. Not wanting to cause a scene in class I opted to head home. Good news – I made it home okay and am feeling much better. Not sure what happened – but it was a decent night of drawing anyhow and I am very glad (as always) that I went.



~ by justteejay on April 23, 2019.

One Response to “Figure Drawing April 22nd, 2019”

  1. Sorry to hear you had to have dental work. Root canals are no fun. Hope you don’t have long lasting discomfort!

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