Ongoing Drawing Prompts

While I no longer am doing “Daily Drawings” I like to get as much time as I can to draw things for me and for fun. As part of that I still ask for drawing prompts from people that I know to work from. Usually I will do this through Facebook. I try to draw the prompts in the order that they were received. I don’t normally skip a prompt unless someone submitted several (than I just pick one of them) or if it is very obvious that someone is trying to get me to draw their tattoo for them. Even then I sometimes still make a drawing, I just make sure that it is very clearly not at all close to what the person was describing.

Because of how Facebook timelines things the list becomes pretty inaccessible after a while. That works out well for me as the list is finite and doesn’t become overwhelming.

Prompt “Macaroni and Cheese”.


Prompt “Brilliant”.


Prompt “New Life”.


Prompt “Bear-Wolf”. So a wolf with it’s bear. Pretty straightforward.


Prompt “HoneyBee Chaos”. Went with an AnarchBee which is remarkably more difficult to say outloud than it is in my head. Or maybe that’s just me.
This one was a crowd favorite. I think this Bee has seen some things.
I was also intrigued to find out that there is a Honey Jack Daniels. The things you don’t know when you don’t drink…


Prompt “Lederhosen”.


Prompt “New Home”. I almost always come back to a heart when Home is in the prompt. I don’t know if it is because of the expression “Home is where the Heart is” or if it is because I like drawing hearts.


Prompt “Bacon Biker”. I like this one a lot even though it is nothing at all like what I envisioned when I first got the prompt. Sometimes you just have to roll with whatever happens.


Prompt “Beatnik Cat”.


Prompt “Puking Flower”. There were so many places that I thought that I was going with this drawing. Most of them were far more literal. However it just seemed like such a perfect band name that ultimately this is what we wound up with.


Prompt “City Chickens”


Prompt “Roaring 20’s”


Prompt “Gobble Wobble”


Prompt “Fall Possum”


Edgar Helps.


Prompt “King Koi” Prismacolor Col-rase colored pencils on toned paper.KingKoi

Prompt “Warm Cookies”.


Sidling up to make sure the drawing is up to her standards.DrawingAssistantAnora1

You know that cats see through their feet right? That is why they have to stand on things you are reading or drawing. To properly assess what is going on.DrawingInspectorAnora

Prompt “Rogue Dwarven Sailor”


Prompt “Serendipity”

There was a series of books when I was younger that were called Serendipity Books. The first one that I had ever come across was called “Morgan and Me” and I loved the illustrations. I bought many more of their books for myself and started collecting them again when my daughter was the right age for them. This is my homage to Morgan and Me.


Prompt “Sushi Panda”

So I had thought that pandas only ate bamboo. This is apparently not the case. Pandas will eat all sorts of things if they don’t have to work too terribly hard at it. I can relate.


Drawing Prompt “Vampire Problems”

You know, like Garlic and Daylight and stuff.


Drawing Prompt “Baby Bunnies”.

Of course I love using bunnies in my artwork so this actually inspired a painting which you can’t see until my opening in the Fall. So I made these little substitute stand-in baby bunnies so that I wouldn’t be skipping the prompt off of the list.


Drawing Prompt was “Book Worm” but the same weekend an illustrator that I follow issued a drawing challenge to draw a critter reading a book. So no reason not to combine the two prompts.


Drawing Prompt “Nutty Squirrels”.


Drawing Prompt “Growing Up”.

I hear a lot about the TeaCup Pigs and how cute they are and how badly people want one as a pet. Turns out there is no such thing as a true teacup pig and even the little pigs gets to be way bigger than people expect them to be. They don’t know what they are getting themselves in to. Once the pig shows how big it is going to be they get dumped. Sent away. Message clear. We are only going to love you when you are little and cute.


Drawing Prompt “Siamese Lama”.


Drawing Prompt “Tainted Harvest”.


Drawing Prompt “Dragon-Fly”.


Drawing Prompt “Betta Fish”.


Drawing Prompt “Alpha Cat”.


She gave me two drawing prompts “Favorite Sweater” and “Eye Candy”… so why not draw both?


Drawing Prompt “Magical Peacock”.


Drawing Prompt “Crown of Thorns Starfish”. Sometimes what you set out to draw and what actually happens are radically different. This is one of those cases. This had started out to be a gunslinger starfish clad in old west attire. Obviously not what I wound up with.


Drawing Prompt “Bunny Harvestman”. If you care to do an image search you will find out that they are actually spiders. Very interesting looking critters.


Drawing Prompt “Election Fairy”. Somewhat patriotic and a whole lot of red tape.


When I drew the Election Fairy I had toyed with the idea of making a little cute Russian Bear Fairy… but I decided that I would wind up having political discussions that I didn’t want to have. Instead they morphed into these little BumbleBears. No politics, still cute and fluffy.


Happy Valentine’s Day…


Drawing Prompt “Grateful”.

There were more rough sketches for this one than there have been for most of the prompts. There is (as you might suspect) a lot of meaning/symbolism to this one…. but I’m afraid if you would like to know what all it is you are going to have to ask me about it in person.


No prompt. Just because.


Drawing Prompt “Ether Worm”.


I am not 100% sure what the prompt was for this. I think it was Science Owl. It’s a pig-my owl that has made friends with the lab mice.


Drawing Prompt “Boating Dog”.

Made a ShibaInu Sailor.


Drawing Prompt “Paper Wings”


Drawing Prompt “Catastrophe (Cat Ass Trophy”.

Super happy with this one!


Drawing Prompt “Kitty Krampus”

I liked this suggestion so much that I made two.



This one wasn’t actually a drawing prompt. Erika really liked a drawing that I had done previously and wanted to buy it and I realized that I must have sold it already (after I told her she could have it). So I drew her her own version with the animal of her choosing.


I was two prompts from the end of the list when I was contacted by a client who wanted me to do something “evil but cute”. Of course I went into a tailspin (like I do) and had a million and one ideas.

This was the first that I brought up from thumbnail (one of the cats later ate it – so I am glad I got a photo).


After that I decided if I was only going to tattoo one of these, I might better make the drawings more finished so I could do something else with the ones we didn’t use.


I asked her to reign me in and she said she wanted a mouse. First up – a Snidely Whiplash inspired mousie.


The kids are always helping. This is (some of) Edgar.


Nos-fur-rat-tu. I crack myself up.


Not very tattoo-able – but by this time I was on a roll.




and last but not least – Pirate MerMouse.


I could have kept going with these for a lot longer and very well may come back to them soon.

At the end of it, I realize that I probably will never go back and finish those last two prompts from the list (mostly because I would have to find it).

Lots and lots of fun stuff in the works! Stay tuned. Some of it will be here and some of it I am keeping under wraps until my show at Whitman Works the beginning of November.




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  2. I am completely enamored with these drawings! The whimsy and liveliness they possess are outstanding!!

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