Life Painting with the Thursday Group at the Hungerford – February 7th & 14th

I had initially thought that I would stop going on Thursdays so that I could have more time to work on new pieces for my show in the Fall. I skipped a few sessions and found that I was filling that time with a lot of things but most of it wasn’t painting. I honestly find that the more art that I create the more inspired I am to create more. So back to group on Thursdays and a new model for us. I actually worked with this lovely lady almost 30 years ago at Xerox. it was a lifetime ago. Lots of memories and lots of things that I had clearly forgotten about. It was interesting to catch up.


Back today. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Much happier with the colors and contrast after the second session – but not as much with the likeness.

Will keep trying as always đŸ™‚


~ by justteejay on February 14, 2019.

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