Mid Winter Drawing and Painting Slam at Steve Carpenter’s February 10th, 2019

This is an annual get together at Steve’s. They do potluck food stuff and have two models sitting for the day in the same poses all day (with breaks of course). Because this event can be super busy I try to get there early to set up to paint before too many spots have been filled. Because of this I never know who I am going to be painting beforehand and am committed to the spot before the models arrive.

This time I would have been happy as both models who were booked are great to paint. As it turned out I was on the side with Mark posing. I was really happy about this as Mark has a really great face and I haven’t been at all pleased with the portraits that I have tried to do of him in the past.

I was determined not to mess it up this time. Steve was working on the other side and so I was left to play with the lighting and what not by myself. I’ve never done that before.


Overall I am MUCH more pleased with this one that the other times I have tried to paint Mark. I feel slightly redeemed. I was also SUPER pleased that he liked it as well. You never know how the model is going to respond to the painting especially when they aren’t exact likenesses of them. He said that he liked it and posted it on his Facebook page with some very nice compliments.

Later that night another model told me that one of the drawings that I have made of her is her favorite ever and is the one that she shows people when she tells them that she models.

My art ego didn’t know how much I needed the positive feedback. I feel like I have really been struggling and all I can see is what I have done wrong and how it could be done better. It’s hard to feel like I have succeeded with a piece. Outside feedback helps a lot and it carries more weight when it comes from another artist and/or a model.


~ by justteejay on February 13, 2019.

One Response to “Mid Winter Drawing and Painting Slam at Steve Carpenter’s February 10th, 2019”

  1. We are our own worst critics. I am amazed at your talent – whether on water color paper or skin!

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