Tattoo Update – some random tattoos February 2019

Been working for a while on a leg sleeve of Laurie’s kitties. This is our most recent addition.


This little guy could have his own blog. He is amazing. May I present Hunky Dory.



A piece based on the art of Arthur Rackham.


Piece in progress:


A little pink elephant tattoo.


Tattoo based on a Rochester Flower design that I drew a while back. The lady who got this tattoo also happens to own the original drawing. Honored that she chose to get the tattoo as well as the paper art.

Although Rochester is now known as the Flower City – there was a time when we were the Flour City.


I knew this day was coming. Bittersweet. I have actually referred to this tattoo (publicly) as my favorite tattoo ever. I didn’t think I would ever have one… but here it is. I really enjoyed this piece and getting to know Rob in the process. There will be a whole separate blog post on this one when I get final healed photos. In the meantime, here is the entire piece.






~ by justteejay on February 12, 2019.

One Response to “Tattoo Update – some random tattoos February 2019”

  1. You do such beautiful work! Makes me think that if I ever would get a tattoo I’d come to you!!!

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