Tattoo Update December 2018

Fresh peony on my friend Michelle.


Healed poppies on my friend Michelle.


Hanuman. I can not tell you how much I love being given the opportunity to make a tattoo like this for someone who truly understands the time commitment involved in a piece this complicated and detailed. I love this piece.

He healed it well and I have no doubt he will take care of it and it will look amazing for a lifetime.


Super honored to make this Strawberry Critter based on my personal artwork.


Don’t piss off this mermaid.


Finish of the thigh tattoo on an old friend. Based on the artwork of Ben Newman. I apologize if this piece offends you. It amuses me terribly.


Watercolor style Rochester Flower tattoo for a wonderful young lady who happens to have the perfect skin for this sort of project. This would not work on just anyone.


Added background to the bunnies. Bunnies are based on the artwork of April Coppini and were tattooed with her permission.


Jen’s shoulder project keeps growing….


Super fun Punisher tattoo!


Adding color onto Casey’s frontpiece.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this bunny tattoo. Things that I love… bunnies and tasty snacks! How can you go wrong? Super excited that Erin came to me with this super fun project.


Robert asked me to make this Mystery Machine a while ago as a surprise for his daughter. They like to watch Scooby Doo together. I mistakenly referred to this as a little tattoo while I was making it. I apologize again for that Robert. I generally think of any tattoo I can finish in one session as being little. 🙂


Tiger eyes. I have seen a lot of versions of this particular tattoo and I actually have never made one. Top photo is un-edited. Bottom photo is edited to be similar to the reference photo he had brought me.


I had a last minute cancellation and very shortly after that cancellation came in I received a request to squeeze a young lady in for her first tattoo. This is a memorial piece for her Grandfather. I was very glad we were able to accommodate her scheduling.


Spike and Tom on a forearm. There will be angel and devil Jerrys added later.SpikeandTom

Another session on Rob’s sleeve. Added the turtle into his underarm/armpit. Probably one more session will finish up that last space on the arm. Then to see where he goes next.


~ by justteejay on December 20, 2018.

One Response to “Tattoo Update December 2018”

  1. These are amazing pieces of art! You have a rare talent!!

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