Constantly Making Stuff

Here is some of the stuff that I have been working on since I was here last:

Once again was able to participate in the Perry Chalk Festival:


Started to add wings to this piece that I began from life at the Thursday group.


Went to the beach with my friend Deb. We visited, snacked, watched the world go by and played with watercolors. Some things were learned. We need to do it again when it is nice out again.


Piece that I submitted for the Canvas Project. I was given the word “Netizen”. This was a weird project that I have never heard anything else on. I was supposed to get an exchanged piece of art and I think a book with all of the art in it. So far nothing.


I think that I may have posted this when I originally finished it… but it was on my camera roll again. I think that it was damaged and I had to do some repair painting to it so it may look a bit different. Maybe not. Here it is again anyhow.


Started this as a drawing from an email that I received. Person who emailed me vanished. Feel like this isn’t where I would have gone with this one left completely to my own devices. It also isn’t what they were looking for. I want to do more with it. When the inspiration strikes… we shall see where it goes. Right now it is in a weird un-inspired limbo.


Portrait I made for someone for reasons.


Framed and ready to be hung.


I may have gotten stuck in the Apple Store for an entire fucking day. This may be a traumatic memory that I may not want to recall or speak of. If this thing happened I may have kept myself from completely losing my mind by using one of their sample iPads with ProCreate to draw some stuff. If this happened it would look exactly like this.


I have a thing for dead birds. Yes, I know how creepy that sounds… but in my defense I follow @deadbirdsaresexy on Instagram and that sounds creepier. Neither really are. We don’t “like” dead birds in that way. If that’s how you take it… that’s on you.


starting the Fairy Kitty painting:


Clearly inspired by Bugs’ Opera Episode…

OperaBunny and the ever present cat supervisors…


Went out and tried my hand at “landscape” painting. This is an old abandoned train round house. It was a really cool space with graffiti and all the grunge. Still not sure how I feel about painting landscapes, but this was a great experience and I’m really glad that I went. This is oil on paper.


I started this in Hell City. There was some sort of major malfunction with the purple in the background and it took a super ridiculously long time to dry. No idea what happened.  I may have mixed an old tube of water soluble oil with regular oil or something? No idea, but it finally was dry enough to go back into again.


The kitties are constantly wanting to help me paint. Sometimes they look pretty judge-y while doing so.

judgytTREYjudgyTrey Everyone’s a critic.


Working on the fairy kitty.


Working on the dead bird…


Drawing from life at Steve Carpenter’s Studio. Not sure how long I spent on this one. Had started out with watercolors and was really not feeling it. Switched to pencils and was much happier with the outcome.


More randomness coming soon.

~ by justteejay on December 19, 2018.

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  1. Love the sidewalk art!

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