Thursday Art Group 120618 & 121318

Regular Thursday group at the Hungerford (the one I constantly refer to as the Art Group without a name). I did find out this week that we actually have a name. It is horribly awkward and I honestly can’t remember it. The model suggested that we call ourselves “Afternoon Delight”. Most of us figured that our spouses would not find that amusing.


This looks more like the model here. Mia1206184 Started to lose the likeness again at this point.Mia1206185 Decided it must be that eye’s fault.Mia1206186 Continued struggling with the drawing and the placement of that eye. I think her head was tipped down more than I was drawing it and that is why the features looked off. This was as far as I had gotten by the end of the session. Mia1206187 Not thrilled with it… but not horrible.

Then on the way back to the shop I had to slam on the brakes and my backpack flew off the seat and across the painting.



Tried to paint it back in some on my own and develop the background some… but without any photo reference I didn’t want to push it.


Next session:

Still struggling with the drawing. Mia1 Once again decide that the eye is not working at all. It has to go.Mia2Mia3Mia4Mia5Mia6Mia7

In the end I was not overly thrilled with this one. I found myself trying to incorporate some of the things that I had picked up at Steve’s, which is good. I did not however ever feel like I had captured her likeness or gotten the drawing correct. It very well may be a case of me being overly critical as many people knew who it was right away and a couple of people told me that I captured her likeness.

Keep pushing. Keep learning. Keep growing.

I do think it is a nice painting. It just isn’t where I want to be yet. In all honesty, it’s possible I may never get to where I want to be. I think like most artists I continue to improve my eye and so the goal keeps moving further away. When I look at the work I was doing a year ago I see a lot of problems that I couldn’t see when I made them.

I’m still inspired and I will keep working on it. That’s what we are here for.


When I went to post this it popped up back to the first photo. I realized the fact that I was able to pull this painting out of that drawing says a lot.

~ by justteejay on December 18, 2018.

One Response to “Thursday Art Group 120618 & 121318”

  1. We are often our own worst critics! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to worry a particular detail into submission!!

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