Tattoo Update May 2018

Got behind again. I have come to accept that this is going to be an ongoing theme in my life.

Started working on Casey’s Satyr Skull tattoo after a bit of a hiatus. It is (obviously) still in progress, but I also made both of his sleeve tattoos.


There is a lot going on in this one. It was a fun project! I used to tattoo a lot of pin-up stuff and I don’t get nearly as much call for them anymore.
This one is on a forearm and was completed in the single session.HarleyQuinn

Love this one. This is on her thigh.


I have admitted publicly that this may be my favorite tattoo ever. Having much fun working on this one and will be sad when it is finished. Of course he is talking about maybe working on the other arm now… so who knows.


Single session add on (chest). I did not make the Roman numerals portion of the tattoo.


Surfing Skeletons (on ribs) based on the work of Rick Griffin.


Small commemorative tattoo to celebrate having been at the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch (so cool!). We went with the Space Suit from Elon’s launch, but used the original car from the Heavy Metal movie.


CareBear tattoo made on the calf.


Memorial tattoo made on the ribs. Tough client!


First stage of a work in progress. Tattoo is based on the artwork of Ben Newman. Ben does beautiful illustrations and I would LOVE to adapt more of them into tattoos.
This one is on a thigh.


Healed Pressed Fairy tattoo on the back of a calf.


King David on an upper arm.


Care Bear’s tummy to look embroidered.


More work on this sleeve


Little critter out of the Garden of Earthly Delights (Hieronymous Bosch). Just below the knee on the shin. (ouch).
There are a hundred tattoos EASILY in that painting. Feel free to select one for yourself. I would LOVE to make a series of these.

Another session on Casey.


Different take on Lady Liberty. This is on a forearm and is partially healed and partially fresh when the photo was taken (which is never flattering for the tattoo).


Vincent on a forearm. She didn’t want him to be smoking, so we went with a Burton-esque style pumpkin instead.


Dog portrait. I did not make any of the other visible tattoos, just the dog.


I made the tattoos on both hands and the fairies on the inside of the forearms… but I haven’t been able to get a decent photo of the fairies.


Monarch Butterfly tattoo on an ankle.


Adding some better contrast and some background to a piece I started a while ago. Forearm.


Sleeve in progress. One (maybe two) more sessions to fill the rest of it in.


This is the start of a Johnny Depp montage piece on her thigh. All of them will be different characters that Johnny Depp has played.


Another session on the Ben Newman piece, next session should finish this one up.


Adding some background to Robert’s sleeve. The bird is a cover up… everything that is visible is my work.


Underarm Elephant.


As always…. more to come.


~ by justteejay on May 21, 2018.

3 Responses to “Tattoo Update May 2018”

  1. Very impressive work! I am always curious to know the why behind the selection of the tattoo. There has to be a story as to why a person has chosen a specific design and I bet it is fascinating!

  2. Amazing work. How do I subscribe to your blog? I would like to get notifications on your work. Thanks.

    • On the desktop version there is a “pop up” type window in the very bottom right corner that has a + and says “Follow”. It may be located somewhere else if you are accessing wordpress from a mobile. I’m not sure where else to direct you, but if you ever want to reach out to me directly you can reach me at or on Instagram at @justteejay
      Thank you!!!

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