Yeah, some tattoos

I tattooed a fairy on my sister based off of a painting that I made (that my mom has) that my daughter posed for the reference. As a result the painting and the tattoo look a bit like my kid. So this is my kid (kind of) tattooed on my sister Joelle. Our Mom is still speaking to all of us and my sister did a great job healing the tattoo so I didn’t have to threaten her. I haven’t done much of that recently since she’s an adult and all.

I miss my family terribly and it was wonderful to get to spend some time with my sister and tell some “back in the day” stories. I think it’s really fun when tattoos mean something that would never be obvious to the casual observer. It allows us to share our stories if we choose to, but they can still be enjoyed just for the art without needing an explanation.

Teigan Fairy tattoo

After a bit of a hiatus we are back to working on Casey’s Satyr Skull tattoo. Yes, that hurts every bit as much as you think that it does.

Satyr Skull tattoo (in progress)

Work in progress on a sleeve that I am super excited about. There is a subsequent session photo further along in this piece.

work in progress - tattoo sleeve

King David.

King David Tattoo

Added a sun behind the Rick Griffin based surfer skeleton on my friend Quack’s side. He calls me PinHead when I tattoo him.

rick griffin surfing skeleton tattoo

the Enchanted Rose from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

enchanted rose tattoo

Tiger Baby?

tiger baby tattoo

It was a great honor to make this memorial tattoo for a wonderful human being who unfortunately lost his wife. You don’t need to know why he chose a pressed fairy to get tattooed for her – she would have gotten it. I am huge fan of Brian Froud’s work and have always loved the Pressed Fairy book.

Looking forward to getting healed photos.

pressed fairy tattoo

Pressed Fairy tattoo

I didn’t get good photos of this session, but this is a really fun project on a great human who I look forward to seeing when she comes in.


This actually may be my favorite tattoo ever. People always ask me if I have a favorite. I never did. This might be it. Hopefully I don’t do anything to screw it up now that I have said that publicly.


I made this Abby cat tattoo…

cat portrait tattoo

working from this reference…


I didn’t get the drawing right on this the first time – client was patient enough with me to wait until we could get it right. Both of us were happy with this version.

black and grey owl tattoo

Healed photos of these cat enhanced breasts 🙂


Fun addition to an existing piece on a wrist. Starr made the ribbon tattoo (I don’t know how long ago) and I added the sunflower (and ladybug).

sunflower tattoo

For clarification (and for anyone who reads these). Once again, I have not retired from tattooing. I still tattoo. Quite a bit. I no longer want to make tattoo that have words in them. I like making tattoos like the ones that I post, especially brightly colored minimal outline tattoos. Anything involving an animal or nature themes is always good.

I’m okay with people telling other people that I am retired. If enough people say it, maybe eventually it will be true.


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  1. Your art work is a marvel! I’m almost inspired to get a tattoo – if only I could find someone with your skill level!

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