Drawing and Painting from Life

Life drawing in charcoal – single session – Thursday group at the Hungerford Building.

I still dislike charcoal. Having sparkly charcoal helps some.


Life drawing done at Steve Carpenter Gallery at Open Studio on Monday night. This was done on the iPad Pro using Procreate.


Another session at the Hungerford Building on a Thursday. On this particular Thursday I had managed to leave all of my normal sized paint brushes at Steve’s gallery. I had no idea until I started to paint. I used brushes I would normally only use for backgrounds. It was a good exercise for me.

First of two sessions.


The following session (2 of 2)


Different model (I think her name is Michelle) at the Thursday group at the Hungerford Building. First of two sessions.


and the second session. I will say I am relatively unhappy with this one. Probably more so than any of the other ones that I have done in this series. Maybe I’ll like it more later. That happens sometimes. Michelle looks around more than most of the other models and I’m not quick enough to get her eyes right in any given position. So I think these are both overworked and unrealistic. I’m not blaming her. I watch Steve just completely make up features that he doesn’t like or can’t see – I’m not to that level yet. Someday, but in the meantime I wind up with paintings that look like this.


Another session from Thursday (the Monday group was cancelled due to the weather).


Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the second session for this one, but I really am relatively happy with it. I did take some reference photos so if the mood strikes me I could go back into it and finish it further.



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One Response to “Drawing and Painting from Life”

  1. Very nice work! I really like the painting of the woman with the flower in her hair – great eyes!

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