Mini Update on Kitties (Bob, Thor and Baldur)

Now with even MORE updates – see bottom of page….

Back from the vet.

It’s still too soon to tell 100% for sure if Bob is pregnant. We don’t ‘think’ so, but need another couple of weeks to know for sure. Today she had her vaccines that were safe (to give to a pregnant cat). She has a follow up appointment on December 9th. By then we should know positively for sure. She will get her next set of vaccines and the ones that she couldn’t start until we knew she wasn’t pregnant. If all goes according to plan she will then be spayed on December 18th and will be ready to go to her forever home.

Cleo’s kittens are doing great! They got their vaccine boosters today. They will be old enough on December 9th to get their rabies and their last vaccines. They also (if everything goes according to plan) will get neutered on December 18th. That will bring them ready to go to their forever homes. (Just in time for Christmas if you know someone who would like to see a new friend (or two) under their tree. I had originally planned on keeping Baldur (and still would) but if someone can take both of them – I would let him go. They are so close and spend so much time together I am starting to get concerned about separating them.

Bob’s kittens are coming back to spend the week with me so I will be able to get photos of them and introduce them all properly over the next few days. If you know someone who is interested in giving one of the rescues a forever home, please reach out to me directly at

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!


For the record – I did NOT put all three of them in this box together, it was way too small…. they took it upon themselves to climb in there together after their exams and shots.




These kittens have found their forever home. They have been claimed and will be moving to their new home after their surgeries.

There are still Bob’s four kittens who are yet to be placed and Bob has not had an adoption confirmation yet.

Again, if you are interested in meeting any of the kitties or know of someone who would like to give them new homes, reach out to me directly at

Thank you again!!!

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  1. If my husband and sons weren’t deathly allergic, I’d have a cat, or 4 or 6… who knows I still may end up a crazy old cat lady!!

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