Meet the Kitties! This is “Bob”.


*note* Update at bottom of post.

“Bob” was named Bob because she is at least part Japanese Bobtail. The bitty tail is genetic and not an injury. Most of the kittens we rescued with her have the Bob tail also (three of the four, their photos and profiles will be later.)

Bob is the second of the moms that we were able to get off of the street. She is about 2-3 years old. She has been de-wormed and started her shots. She has tested negative for feline leukemia and feline HIV. The vet tells me that her teeth are in really good shape.

Bob is ridiculously snuggly. Really. She has muscled her way past every one of our resident kitties to be the first to a lap. She is affectionate, loves being held and to date has not decided she has “had enough” of being pet.

Bob would do best in a family where there are a lot of laps and loving or in a household where someone is home a lot (and has a lot of loving). She loves being with people. I think in time she will snuggle with the other kitties as well, but seriously seems to prefer the company of humans. She did weirdly well in transitioning to the community in our house. She hissed at the other cats for a few days, but never did so in an aggressive way (yes, I know that doesn’t make sense) She would hiss, but would do it while laying down flat and with her stomach exposed. Her movements and behaviors did not in any way appear aggressive, but she still hissed. Less than a week in and she has stopped doing it. The ONLY instance of her being even a little bit aggressive was when we gave them all catnip. She played with the kittens a little rougher than we wanted to see and separated her. I don’t know if she was playing or actually being mean, but I didn’t want to take the chance. Other than that she has been super sweet. She has not been food aggressive in any way and has consistently used the litter box since the day we rescued her. No accidents.

Bob is scheduled for her next vet appointment on the 20th. By then I think we will be able to know for sure if she is pregnant or not. If she is not, we will schedule her for her spade and then she will be available to go to her forever home. We have one family who have asked about adopting Bob, but have not committed yet. If you are interested in meeting Bob or have any questions, please reach out to me directly at or leave a question on here.

If it turns out that Bob is indeed pregnant obviously it will be a while longer before she can go anywhere. I will update here after her vet visit. Please feel free to share this and the posts that will follow with the information on all of the kitties.

If you are thinking about taking Bob into your life – please know that we will NOT be offended if you change her name. We are aware that Bob isn’t the greatest name ever… it’s the one she came with and we didn’t come up with a better one yet.


IMG_1810IMG_1824IMG_1835 IMG_1844IMG_1846 IMG_1862 IMG_1863 IMG_1867IMG_1868

This is how Bob prefers to be. She has made herself quite at home. She loves belly rubs and pretty much any kind of petting or being held. Out of all of the kitties that we have taken in through this process Bob is the one I have the most confidence in placing. Since she is full grown I know this is her personality. She is amazing and will bring a lot of love to the home she winds up in. I will miss having her on the couch “helping” with my homework.



So Bob’s vet appointment was not 100% conclusive. There is still a chance that she could be pregnant. We do not ‘think’ she is, but there is always a chance. So we have another vet appointment on December 9th. By that time we should know 100%. Presuming she is not pregnant, she will get the last of her vaccinations and her rabies shot. Her spade is scheduled for December 18th with a couple days to recover she could be at her new forever home in time for Christmas. There are people who have expressed interest in taking Bob to live with them, but no one has committed yet for sure. If you are interested in meeting Bob or have any questions, please reach out to me directly at

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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