Art without a Neat Category

Some of the other stuff I’ve been up to…

Start of the Milkweed Bunnies painting (oil on canvas)

milkweedIMG_1040milkweedIMG_1041milkweedIMG_1042milkweedIMG_1043milkweedIMG_1044milkweedIMG_1045milkweed bunniesmilkweed bunnies

Drawing done from the prompt “Lady Death Fae Bat”.

lady death fan bat

Second Session of Painting from Life. Oil on Canvas. Previous session is on a prior post.


Milkweed Bunnies in Progress

milkweedIMG_1240milkweedIMG_1241milkweed bunnies

Life Drawing on the iPad with ProCreate. I didn’t stay for the long pose.


First of two sessions from life. Oil on Canvas.


First session on a painted version of the Flying Fancytail Mermouse.


Wasn’t sure what else I wanted to do with the mouse and still had some time left in class, so I started a rose. Didn’t finish it and as of this writing have not gone back into it yet.

rose underpainting

Second of two sessions painting from life. Oil on Canvas.

life paintinglife paintinglife painting

First session on this Flying Bunny painting (in oil). In all honesty I really didn’t have a solid idea where I was going with this one. I had a rough sketch that I liked of just the bunny. I was very excited about the wings in the rough, but they just weren’t working well in the painting and ultimately I abandoned them to take this in a different direction. It’s always interesting to see where the paintings wander off to when I give them room.

FlyingBunnyIMG_1634FlyingBunnyIMG_1635FlyingBunnyIMG_1636FlyingBunnyIMG_1637FlyingBunnyIMG_1638FlyingBunnyIMG_1640FlyingBunnyIMG_1641FlyingBunnyIMG_1642flying bunny painting first sesion

Life Drawing done at Open Studio (Monday) at Steve Carpenter’s Gallery. These were done on the iPad in ProCreate. I didn’t stay for the long pose.

life drawinglife drawinglife drawing elflife drawing

Single session portrait drawing from life (in charcoal). This was a two session sitting but I missed the first one because it was the day I got bit by the cat.


This is based on a drawing that I had done of a fancy tail flying mermouse which I had used for some of my other stuff (business cards and stickers I think). I turned the mermouse to more of a profile which I’m not 100% convinced was a good idea. This one may be finished or I may go back into it some, I haven’t decided yet.

flying fancy tail mermouse

Second session on this flying bunny. Not finished yet, but getting better.

TeeJay Flying Bunny

By this time in the Drawlloween prompts I had gotten frustrated with this year’s prompts. I decided to give up on Drawlloween and just draw things that I wanted to draw.

TeaTime Companion.

tea time companion

TeaCup Pigs.

teacup pigs

Cat light bulb. I think I may revisit this drawing as there are a couple of things I would like to do differently. It may work better digitally or in paint so that I can get the color range I would like.

Edison bulb cat

Drawing that I did from the prompt “Dinosaur Cat Pants”. Because of course.

Tyrannosaurus rex in Cat Pajamas  More to come (as always)….

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  1. I really like the bunnies and the little tiger mouse in the teacup! The cat light bulb has so many possibilities! I can’t wait to see it in paint…

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