Tattooing – Because I still love it

Retiring comes up a lot. I haven’t yet. Mostly I want to on the days that someone has frustrated me beyond my limits. In dealing with the public that still happens. Even though it still happens I love tattooing and I love 99.7% of my clients. Here is some of what I have been up to lately.

While it is true that I have cut way back in the projects that I am taking on. I will continue to tattoo friends and good people for the foreseeable future.

Lovely (healed) peony on a stellar human being.

healed peony tattoo

Getting there on Chad’s arm. Still a few empty skin spaces that are bugging him far more than you would think 🙂


Peacock tattoo for a really nice lady.

peacock tattoo

Memorial Tattoo. Did not get good photos of this one. Hope that he will stop in at some point so that I can get some when everything is healed and settled in.

color portrait tattoo

Little bitty adorable elephant for Amanda’s little wrist.

cute elephant tattoo

Started this Celtic Heart knot for Pat. Looking forward to going back into it. We haven’t decided if we are going to go color or black and grey shading. Suggestions?

Celtic heart tattoo

Because Jesse asks me if I would make her a Stink Bug tattoo. Are you kidding?!? How could I POSSIBLY say no to a request like that. Incidentally if anyone else would like any little bugs tattooed on them, please let me know.

stink bug tattoo

Chad is still picking away at those “pesky skin spots” that are remaining on his arm from the start of his first tattoo. We’ve almost gotten all of them now and he is going to have to decide soon where he is going next.

Chad's eye tattoo (underarm)

Robert is a newer friend but someone who I have learned a great deal from in a short period of time. I am glad he and his family have entered my life.

Sherlock tattoo

Quack is an old friend. He hasn’t gotten tattoo in a while but decided to come back to it by getting his ribs tattooed. Ouch! This has another session to go. The lines are healed and the color is fresh here.

The original artwork is by Rick Griffin. I did modify it some (but not too much).

rick griffin surfing skeleton

Leslie is an amazing human that I really enjoy spending time with. This is the healed photo from her last session.


This is what we added this time (the blue poppies). The flower above is also healed from a few sessions back.

blue poppies tattoorealistic flower tattoo

I did make other tattoos besides these as well, but the photos aren’t useable for one reason or another. I have some fun projects coming up this winter and am looking forward to a bunch of them.

till next time….

~ by justteejay on November 5, 2017.

2 Responses to “Tattooing – Because I still love it”

  1. I wish my niece could have found a real artist when she decided to get her tattoos – yours look beautiful. Hers look amateurish in comparison…

    • I’m always sad to hear that anyone is unhappy with a tattooing that they are wearing. I hope you niece is able to get hers repaired when she is ready.

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