Drawlloween 2017

I’ve had fun with these the last few years… and while admittedly I have slacked on my daily drawing project I was able to complete most of the prompts this year anyhow.

drawlloween prompts 2017

#1 Return from the Dead. I actually drew this one out of order. I was out of town visiting family and started on the 2nd. I don’t remember when I got around to this one, but I think of my RedBull every morning as bringing me back from the dead and I know other folks feel that way about their coffee.

in need of coffee

#2 Summon Day

summoning the demon bunny

#3 Tombsday


#4 Something Pumpkin this way comes.

pumpkin spider

#5 Full Moon Follies.

full moon follies

#6 Folklore Friday.

Paul Bunnyan and Babe the Blue Box.

Paul Bunnyan and Babe the Blue Box

#7 Cobweb Crawlers.

cobweb crawlers

#8 Deep Sea Denizens.

deep sea denizens

#9 Fanged Fiends.

bat friends

#10 Martian Mayhem.

martian mayhem

#11 Swamp Citizens.


#12 Ah! Reel Monsters.

Frankenstein Monster Bunny and Bride

#13 Friday the 13th.

Because of course Friday is Freyja’s Day.

Freyja the 13th

#14 Owl be Back.

Owl be Back

#15 Cornfield Capers.

raccoon bandit

#16 Carnival Carnage.

This is one of those that I would have loved to have spent WAY more time on. If I could have gone all Macfarlane on those tendrils, this would have been a really amazing piece.

Carnival Carnage

#17 Toadsday.

fairy toad

#18 Crypt Creeps.

A singular creeper. A nightwatchman who has seen too much.

crypt creeper night watchman

#19 Nightmare Nomads.

nightmare nomads

#20 Dr Jekyl & Mr Friday.

Dr Jekyl bunny

#21 Cadaverous Cowboys.

The cowboys have been properly disposed of. Now what to do with the knife?


#22 Ghast Christmas.

Which I opted to make “Gassed Christmas” instead.

Ghast Christmas

#23 Sewer Settlers.

sewer settlers

#24 Aw, Hex.

hex cat

#25 Do as I say, not as I Voodoo.

voodoo dolls

#26 I know a Sarcophagus.

cat coffin

# 27 Franken Friday.

frankenBunny recharging

#28 Ghouls Rush in.

#29 Sunday Bloody Sunday.

#30 Cauldron Crones

#31 Trick R Treat!

I pretty much ran out of both steam and interest at the end of the month. I think next year I will go with Mab’s Drawlloween Club instead. I like the prompts on that one better. Some of these just left me with no real inspiration and I think Mab’s are more generic. I had avoided it the last couple of years because the published list of prompts was just a list with no dates on it and I found it frustrating to follow. This year there was an updated list where they added the dates. Next year if they do that I will definitely follow that one instead. Or, if all else fails, I’ll print the list out and add it to my own calendar so I can follow what is going on.

Whatever, it’s fun and I find it inspiring. A couple of these are on my RedBubble page. If there is one that you would like to see there that isn”t, please let me know as soon as possible. The originals that have been sold are leaving for their new homes this week and I won’t be able to scan them after they have left.

Thanks for playing along! Happy Halloween (a bit late).



~ by justteejay on November 4, 2017.

One Response to “Drawlloween 2017”

  1. I’m a sucker for bunnies and mice!! Lovely and whimsical – thanks for brightening my weekend!!

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