To Update you on all things Cat

Cleo and her kittens have passed all of their blood tests. Cleo needs to be watched for a few more weeks to figure out for sure if she is pregnant or not (it’s possible that she got pregnant right before we picked her up and the kittens don’t show up on an x-ray until 4 weeks). Once she is cleared we will take her in to have her spayed. If she has calmed down enough to remain a housecat, we will either keep her or find her a good forever home.

The kittens are healthy and happy. They are fully integrated into our household and have the run of the house with our resident kitties. As of today they are about 7 weeks old. Once they are 8 weeks old they can start their vaccination series. If someone is able to take a kitten and they are someone that I know and trust then they are ready to go at any time. If they are being adopted out to someone that I don’t know personally I will make sure that they are spade/neutered before they go to their new home(s). There are two males (the mostly all grey ones) and one female (the one with more of the tabby markings).

BaldurIMG_1526FreyjaIMG_1525 BaldurIMG_1491FreyjaIMG_1485AllthreeIMG_1483 FreyjaIMG_1478ThorIMG_1382 ThorIMG_3791 ThorIMG_3792 FreyjaIMG_3793 AllThreeIMG_1285 AllThreeIMG_1259

Also last night we picked up “Bob” and her four kittens. Bob has some intestinal issues going on, but she is otherwise healthy and passed all of her blood tests for the communicable stuff. Bob is super super friendly and happy. She has to remain in quarantine for at least two weeks to make sure she is eating and digesting everything properly. She was given dewormer today. She was a good girl at the vet and purred for the doctor. She is underweight but eating and I will be sure to pamper her to get her back up to her healthy weight.

Britt took Bob’s kittens to her house last night. They haven’t been to the vet yet, there are four of them (sex so far undetermined). They will be adoptable also once they have passed all of their tests and have been spayed/neutered. Photos when I update the next time.



This ends the feral colony and the suspected kitten production facility that has been going on. We have rounded up everyone who was outside and living on the street. Everyone will be taken care of medically and get new loving homes. It remains to be seen if Cleo will be able to adjust to inside. She has clearly been outdoors for a long time. For now she is safe and glaring at us. We can love her even if she is an angry kitty.

If you are interested in providing a home for any of the kitties here – please reach out to me directly at

Thank you!

And if you would like to be financially supportive, that works too. So far I am paying out of pocket for all of the medical visits. I believe that Lollipop can help with the spay/neuter but everything us is falling on us personally.

Can’t hurt to ask.


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