I’m not Sorry. It was worth it.

There is a lot of before this to this story that I am not going to get into here. We can talk about it next time we get together.



There is this cat. She has had at least three litters of kittens outside partially because one of Joey’s neighbors is a horrible person. This will be the last time she has to do that. Through a joint effort between Joe and myself this kitty (Cleo) is no longer on the street. Her and her three surviving kittens are safely at my house.

Cleo was not excited about this change of address.


Her kittens were a bit unsure at first as well.


It only took the kittens a little while and some snacks to start feeling right at home.

firstdaythreeinboxIMG_1152 firstdaywaterbowlIMG_1153

They will all be checked out by my vet shortly. Cleo does appear to be pregnant. She is refusing to nurse the kittens, but they are eating quite well on their own. Everyone will get checked out and have all their appropriate medical needs taken care of.

Why am I telling you this?

During the course of the “capture” and transfer Cleo bit me. I don’t blame her (and for the record, Home Depot’s puncture resistance gloves aren’t). I went to Urgent Care right away and have received the medical attention that I needed. I thought everything was healing up well, but it appears that I still have an infection in my thumb. This means that in addition to the appointments that I have already cancelled, I will need to cancel some into next week. If you have an upcoming appointment, please call and check in – especially if you are coming from a distance.

I apologize to everyone that I may inconvenience with the rescheduling. I do honestly feel badly about that – but I have to be honest. I would do it again. I have been so worried about this kitty and the others that Joey’s neighbor is “taking care of”. I hope that we can get Bob and her kittens off the street and into protective custody soon as well. Right now we can pick Bob up, but don’t know where her kittens are so we can’t take her.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please if you have friendly/stray/abandoned kitties in your neighborhood, get them into your vet or Lollipop to have them spayed or neutered. They snip their ear so that others will know they have been fixed and then they can be re-released if they aren’t adoptable.  If you can’t afford it, there are programs to help.

3kittensIMG_1187 3kittensIMG_1189

I will update you all on these kitties (and if there are more) and how they can be adopted when everything else is said and done.


~ by justteejay on October 7, 2017.

6 Responses to “I’m not Sorry. It was worth it.”

  1. OMG! Look at those kittens. Please please please call me to come and love on these kittens a little bit. I would love to adopt one.

    • I will be inviting everyone I can over to help socialize the kittens once I know they are healthy. You are welcome to come have kittens climb on you even if you don’t adopt one 🙂

      • If I was in Rochester, I’d surely help out with that! Sending blessings for positive outcomes in this pursuit.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! You are doing great work for these innocent little lives. Of course you know that, just showing support for your choices.

  3. Hope you heal rapidly and that the kittens find loving homes. Sounds like Cleo needs a spay and release to let her get back to her feral life…

  4. Well done.

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