Digital Drawings on the iPad

As I get more comfortable working with the iPad I am finding more and more applications for it.

This week I stopped carrying my regular sketchpad and pencil case with me everyday (making my backpack much lighter and my drawing hand less sore).

By using layers and a general mannequin shape I am able to show mastectomy patients what kind of options they would be able to have for cover ups in a much more efficient way then just having the drawing on paper.

flower mastectomy scar cover up tattoo

This one was an attempt to design something with the background on a separate layer so that it could be put on other colors in RedBubble. I like the idea but am not really enamored with this particular drawing.

digital cat flowers drawing

When I had posted the mastectomy cover up design above, a friend of mine had asked me if I would design one for her. She wanted different flowers and a hummingbird.

decorative mastectomy cover up tattoo design

Just for fun. Wanted to make a Dragon version of an Ouroboros, although I didn’t really actually want him to look like he was eating himself. It’s just where the idea started.

dragon ouroboros

The video of me making this is on YouTube at The application ProCreate automatically records the process. Sometimes it’s a little glitchy, but I still like watching them.

I remember catching fireflies in a jar when I was small at my Grandma’s house. My Uncle would let the fireflies go after I fell asleep so that they wouldn’t die from being in the jar. I was thinking about love and how maybe if you try to hold on to it in your heart it can die too. I hope not. I hope that the fireflies of love can live on if we take good care of them.

fireflies love jar

The video of the drawing for this one is on YouTube also:

It’s been a while since I have done the Daily Drawings…. but when I looked and saw that the day was International Fairy Day, I decided to make a drawing on the iPad for the occasion.

fairy drawing on iPad

and her video is here: Fairy Drawing on iPad

I will continue to make drawings on the iPad, it’s super useful for laying out tattoos… I don’t know if I will keep posting the videos on YouTube. A bunch of people said that they wanted to see them and I should post them – but Facebook doesn’t like to show anything that is posted to YouTube (they are in a pissing contest with each other for the best statistics on videos played) and I can’t archive them if I post them on Facebook.

If you want me to keep posting them, be sure to let me know otherwise that portion of my sharing may go away.

Thank you again everyone for your ongoing support and your patience when I have disappeared and reappeared on my blog.

Thank you for those of you who have reached out to ask how I am doing. No, unfortunately the Vertigo has not gone away. While it is super frustrating the only thing it is really keeping me from is my motorcycle and I get pretty tired on the days it is bad. Other than that I may need to accept that it is my new normal. Still I will be devastated to lose the bike – but yes, I know there are much worse things that could have happened.

Bright Blessings to you.




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One Response to “Digital Drawings on the iPad”

  1. Glad to see you’re still at it. Kelly and I enjoy your artwork. Considering more ink work, maybe locally. When I think I’m ready I back out because I know I’ll look at it and think about how much better your work would be. Good luck and good health to you.

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