Daily Drawings Days 179 – 200

Day 179 – Woodland Tea Party

woodland tea party

Day 180 – The prompt was “happy clams” but I really have no idea how you tell if a clam is happy. so I was thinking that people say someone is “all clammed up” to say that they aren’t dealing with their feelings at all…. so I surmised that perhaps clams need therapy to be happy. This then became Clam Therapy instead… I still don’t know how to draw a happy clam.
Also, as a side note. It turns out that the expression is “happy as a clam at high tide” because apparently no one hunts for clams at high tide… perhaps it is cynical of me, but I think it takes more than just not being currently hunted to make someone happy. This may explain why I had a hard time with the drawing.

clam therapy

Day 181 – Cernunnos – I would have liked to have had more time for this. I would love to see it with a background. This guy needs to be deep in the woods.


Day 182 – drawing prompt was Stag in a Woodland Glade. Again, I didn’t really have enough time to put as much glade in as I would have liked. These two drawing re-kicked off my ‘put antlers on everything’ thing.

stag in woodland glade drawing

Day 183 – a facebook friend had been talking about how there aren’t enough chubby mermaids or mermaids of color. I actually prefer a colored chubby mermaid, so here is another one. Why is is that bunnies are more adorable when they are chubby, but it is so hard for people to see one another as adorable if they don’t conform to certain set standards? I’d rather be a bunny anyhow.

chubby merbunny

Day 184 – The prompt was for four horsemen of the apocalypse… but with everything going on I would rather focus on something nice. So here are the four bunnies of niceties. Peace, Innocence, Plenty and Growth. There are more than four niceties, but I can only draw so much in a day.

four bunnies of the niceties

Day 185 – Request was for three funky blue birds on a branch. See, here is the antler thing again.

three antlered blue birds

Day 186 – I didn’t feel like drawing. So I got way outside of my comfort zone and played with clay.


Day 187 – Figure Drawing. Yay!!! These are all done in silverpoint on plike paper.

silverpoint figure drawing

Day 188 – Edison Bulb Orchid – This has potential and has spawned a whole bunch of other ideas.

edison bulb orchid

Day 189 – I had wanted to put the battery bug on yesterday’s drawing, but there wasn’t enough room on the paper. So it got it’s own day.

battery bug and edison bulb orchid

Day 190 – Bat with the same theme

bulb belly bat

Day 191 – Talkative Beaver. We all know that guy. Lots of stories. Hostage talker. Pretty entertaining, but totally oblivious when you need to be doing something else.

talkative beaver

Day 192 – Dizzy Bird. I have been having a battle with Vertigo. Mostly losing. It’s not such fun. It’s hard for me to believe that I used to take substances that made me feel like this on purpose. Dramamine is my current drug of choice.

dizzy bird

Day 193 – yeah, another antlered bird


Day 194 – Silverpoint Mermaid (on plike paper)

silverpoint mermaid

Day 195 – I was going for a nice sleepy owl who was fairly oblivious. I didn’t notice the Furby resemblance until after I had finished.

sleepy owl

Day 196 – Witchsona. Apparently (according to the internet) it’s Witchsona Week. I had never heard of it before this year… but hey, why not? So here is my Witchsona.

TeeJay's Witchsona 2017

Day 197 – Drawing Prompt “Utopia”. This one kept me stumped for a while. To me, I associate Utopia with an entire Society. This isn’t really feasible for me to illustrate for a daily drawing. So I opted for more of a personal ideal situation.


Day 198 – Drawing Prompt “a knight in shining armor riding a bunny”. Check. Of course it’s a squirrel. What else would be riding a bunny?

Squirrel Knight, Bunny Steed

Day 199 – Drawing prompt “Centaur”. Centaurs guard the Labyrinth so I had to add a Labyrinth Worm too.

Labyrinth Minotaur

Day 200- Silverpoint drawing of the prompt “Greenman”. I had received multiple offers to purchase this one before it was finished so I added it to RedBubble.

silverpoint greenman drawing

I’m deciding if I am going to continue with the daily drawings or move on to another project…. or I may just take a few day break. The vertigo is still kicking me in ways that I don’t care for and I need a lot of extra rest. Naps are the answer to a lot of life’s problems. I think between that, kitties and cheese fries (and maybe some cute otter videos) almost everything can be addressed.

Enjoy your day!





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